Radio.Blog Rocks My Socks

*Ahem* Well, I was trying to stick some old Crimea tracks on the media player o’er yonder, but things have obviously gone a little bit, erm… wrong… But they’re just too bloody fantastic to delete, so shall remain under the Christmas 2005 Remixes name as a timeless reminder to those who dare to venture into the audio compression world without proper guidance. Happy feckin Christmas, and apologies in advance to all those involved. Update: Ahhh, fixed. I can rest in peace now :o )

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14 Responses to “Radio.Blog Rocks My Socks”

  1. monkeyfish says:

    By ‘eck, that all conquering track’s not half bad. Whatever happened to that?

  2. Denyer says:

    > they’re just too bloody fantastic to delete

    You’ve got that right… :-D

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