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Mailing ListWin the Lottery! (We’re going home soon… don’t worry)
Yes, you can win The Crimea’s very own lottery. It starts tomorrow by the way; I don’t slack that much.

From : The Crimea
Sent : 20 December 2005 16:00:34
Subject : Win the Lottery! (We’re going home soon… don’t worry)

Ok, ok, false alarm. THIS is the last mail before Christmas,

Yeah, we?re really sorry, but what can you do when you have some red hot news that you can?t sit on ?less it burns your arse? So here goes:

Being a band that are all too familiar with the sinking feeling associated with not winning a bean on either scratch cards or The National Lottery, we decided to greatly lower the odds. We decided to make our own frickin? lottery. Up yours, Camelot! Nicely tied in with the release of ? wait for it ? Lottery Winners On Acid (see what we did?), you can win a really great (like, REALLY great) prize each day on the week of the single?s release. Honestly, it?s genius. It?ll be like Christmas all over again! In January! Brilliant!

Being fearful of having too much time off, we?ve put another show in after Christmas – if you?re going to have a nervous breakdown, might as well make it a big one, right? Here?s the details:

30 December 2005 ? Koko, Camden, London

It?s part of Carl Barat?s ?Bright Young Things? night and we?ll be playing with The Paddingtons and a few other urchin-type folk. We?ve no idea of our stage time just yet (keep checking the website), but we?re pretty sure admission is ?13.

Last but not least, we?ll also be cramming into the tiny environs of the Sister Ray record shop in Soho, London, on the 9th of January at 6pm. We?ll be playing a set in celebration of the release of Lottery Winners On Acid. Come along and be merry. Here?s the address:

Sister Ray
34-35 Berwick Street
London, W1

So that?s it. Have a great, great Christmas. Lots of love and thanks again for an amazing year.

The Crimea

PS We still have tickets left for our Christmas show, either call 0207 485 2659 to get them in advance for ?5, or get them on the night for ?6

PPS We?re back in full live-mode on 25th January at The 100 Club, London

PPSS Crimea Radio (our very own Podcast) is still available for download here.

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