Yes folks, it’s now what we Crimea fansite webmasters like to call “The Week Of Hell”. That is, Crimea release week, with Lottery Winners On Acid available in stores nationwide RIGHT NOW! So I’ve gotta be quick, I’m off down town to see if Woolworths will finally stock a Crimea CD (Update: nohooo, a whole row of mcfly singles though). Anyway, here’s a list of what’s coming up this week.

  • Monday 9th:
    • Andys Records, AberystwythLottery Winners On Acid is released.
    • Lucky lottery winners win a portable DVD player.
    • Another Crimea Podcast is made available. Click here to download it.
    • The Crimea perform instore at Sister Ray record store, Soho from 6pm.
  • Tuesday 10th:
    • The Crimea perform live on XFM radio from 9pm.
    • Lucky lottery winners win a video iPod.
  • Wednesday 11th:
  • Thursday 12th:
  • Friday 13th:
  • Saturday 14th:
    • A Crimea session (may possibly be) aired on Virgin radio around 1am (that’s Friday evening, kinda).
    • The Crimea will deffinately be in session on Radio 2 from 5pm.

That’s not to mention all the reviews that should hopefully be popping up around the place.

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