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Mailing ListBuy Or Die! But have some free stuff as well…
And this one isn’t months old, either. Actually, it was only just sent out. How’s that for up-to-the-minute reporting.

From : The Crimea
Sent : 09 January 2006 15:20:52
Subject : Buy Or Die! But have some free stuff as well…


Cometh the beginning of the chart week, cometh a great band with a fantastic single. Folks, the release of Lottery Winners On Acid is upon us. It’s available in all great record shops now (especially HMV, Virgin etc. – you know, the ones that count towards the chart). There’s a few different versions (two CD’s and a 7″ single) and loads of new b-sides and bonuses to choose from: ‘You’ve Been A Long Time Coming’, ‘Heads I Win, Tails You Lose’, ‘Ocean With No Edge’, ‘Lottery Winners On Acid (video)’.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s a whole host of different digital versions to stick in your iTunes and smoke. How d’ya like this for size, techno kid?

iTunes exclusives: Lottery Winners On Acid (acoustic), Lottery Winners On Acid (Live At The Enterprise) Napster exclusive: Lottery Winners On Acid (NapsterLive Session).

And if that wasn’t enough of an incentive to cane your last remaining Chrimbo money, how about this rallying call, straight from Davey’s blog:

“This year we have the ghastly spectre of the top forty to contend with. We aren?t playing conkers. We have to chart somehow, to stake our claim, January the 9th is D-day for the anti-Royal Crimean Hussars. A head on charge. The first bona fide test. As the limbo bar gets lower and there?s less Limboists. It?s fair to say we?re several shades of shitting a brick. A small step for mankind, a death plummet for the Crimea. Buy or die.”

Of course, we’re not all about dirty commerce. Just most of the time, but how about this for a load of cracking free stuff?:

We’ve made the first draw on our very own Lottery. Here are the winning numbers: 6, 12, 15, 18, 22 & 47. If you’ve scored six out of six, you’ve dropped a portable DVD player. You lucky beggar. If you’ve scored four or five, you’ve got a signed album. To claim your prize, send your ticket to

Keep checking the lottery site ( this week to see if you’ve won. There’ll be a draw every day with loads more great prizes – an IPOD, trip to London… all sorts of stuff that we couldn’t possibly afford and are desperately hoping we’ll win.

So successful was our maiden voyage on the HMS Tragedy, we’ve also managed to cobble together a second Podcast. As well as the usual inane banter and great music, we’ve got an exclusive version of Lottery Winners and a very funny, surprisingly informative interview with Andrew Stafford. All aboard the Skylark! Download and stick it in your iTunes/whatever here.

X marks the spot on Tuesday when we hit Claire Sturgess’s show for a live XFM session. Tune in on 104.9 FM if you live in London, or tune in on the web or with a digital radio station. Here’s the website.

So that’s it for the moment. We’ll see you trudging round record shops bagging copies of Lottery Winners!

Lots Of Love

The Crimea

PS Here’s the tour dates. If you’re planning on coming to the 100 Club we strongly suggest you get tickets very, very, very soon. The show is likely to sell out by the end of the week.

9/1/06 18:00 London – Sister Ray Instore Performance
25/1/06 London ? 100 Club
1/2/06 Cambridge ? Soultree
2/2/06 Peterborough ? Met Lounge
3/2/06 Norwich ? Arts Centre
4/2/06 Hastings ? Crypt
5/2/06 Brighton ? Freebutt
8/2/06 Liverpool ? Academy 3
9/2/06 Leicester ? Charlotte
11/2/06 Northampton ? Soundhaus
13/2/06 Wolverhampton – Little Civic
14/2/06 Bristol ? Fleece And Firkin
15/2/06 Sheffield ? Boardwalk
16/2/06 Leeds ? Cockpit
17/2/06 Carlisle ? Brickyard
18/2/06 Manchester ? Academy 3
22/2/06 Nottingham ? Social
24/2/06 Dundee ? Reading Rooms
25/2/06 Inverness ? Raigmore Hotel
26/2/06 Aberdeen ? The Tunnels
27/2/06 Edinburgh ? Venue
28/2/06 Glasgow ? ABC2
1/3/06 Newcastle – University

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