And So It Begins…

Lottery Winners On Acid is out this week, as the Torr blog informs us. They’ve also made it their single of the week.
As have Popex, who normally don’t even have singles of the week. It’s on their front page too, so that’s another i.o.u. for the mighty Channelfly empire then. A comment even mentions their’s an advert for the single on radio at the moment, I guess Warners are finally getting behind it.
Speaking of front pages, NTL have their LWOA review top of their single review links on the main page of their music section. Check it.
Has the single of the week status at Click Music been mentioned before? Ahh so it has, but did you spot the huge photo of the band on their front page yesterday?
Regular Crimea reviewers God Is In The TV pick up on the “carnival-ride lope” theme pushed by some clever PR guys and give the single a 4/5.
Five out of five is The Beat Surrender’s verdict on Lottery Winners, and they’ve also got a seperate post on the video too.
They don’t give a rating but The Downloader don’t say much bad about the single either.
Getting a bit nostalgic are Subba-Culture who miss Davey’s old band but still like the single.
But lest we forget, The Crimea have been around for a while now, and believe it or not, so has Lottery Winners On Acid. Norman Records have noticed this too and are starting to feel a bit Groundhog Day. I know how you feel…
So, back we go a year to Pop Culture Victim’s review which I’ll just stick here as basically it just says of the single “A happily mellow dream-like piece that has nice use of steel drums”. Kill em. I’ll bloody kill em! Right. Andy, if you read this, please mail me and settle it once and for all. There ain’t no steel drums in any LWOA recordings, yeah?!?
And perhaps the most important review of the day comes from the Top Of The Pops website. It may only be one line with only a few stars as a review, but that 4 out of 5 puts it join top place out of all their new release reviews this week. Lads, you’re as good as Elvis. Rock on.
I don’t know what this BBC site’s all about cos it’s all in a funny language, Scottish I think, but anyway it has the name of the single and makes the old cover art appear when you mouse over it. Spiffy, yet pointless.
Another small “doh!” moment. According to this message board post, the band played on Channel 4′s T4 show on new years morning. They was prolly miming anyways… :o \ Ems on this site’s board also mentions that the LWOA video was on ITV’s Orange Playlist last night.
And thanks to Dave in the comments for mentioning the Channel 4 Teletext single review on page 355 which, by the power of magic (or digital imaging), can also be viewed by clicking more.
Quite possible my favourite link of the day is from ASDA. If their online stocklist is anything to go by, you’ll be able to get fix of Crimea album goodness while picking up your veg from the world’s best supermarket. I’m sure the whole Wal-Mart thing was forced on them. And for good measure they’ve stuck the Tragedy Rocks album up as one of their 9 featured Pre-Order albums too! Yes, that did say pre-order but current owners needn’t get confused, it’s just being re-issued on January 30th so loads more stores should get it in stock. Great for anyone who’s been looking around and not found it yet.


Here are the good singles that are out in the UK on Monday Jan 9th ’06…


The Crimea – “Lottery Winners On Acid” [After years of toiling away in obscurity the London band finally release a proper-single from their great debut album.]

Review taken from Torr blog, 05/01/06.

Lottery Winners On Acid – Single Of The Week!

Get it here, it’s cool sliding lazy guitars, and a feeling of displacement. Perhaps more melancholic than I would normally go for, but HEY a friend of mine is the drummer, so FRONT PAGE!

lottery winners on acid

Review by Pauly for Popex, 09/01/06.

The Crimea ‘Lottery Winners On Acid’

One of the late John Peel’s favourite new acts, The Crimea first came to the attention of Travis’s singer Fran Healy. But let’s not hold that against them.

This twinkling single from debut album Tragedy Rocks finds The Crimea re-inventing power pop of a West Coast bent, complete with end-of-pier carnival anthems and, most rewardingly, splashes of Smashing Pumpkins-esque alt-rock. Certainly a name to remember for 2006.

Release Date: 09/01/2006

Review taken from the NTL World website.

The Crimea- Lottery Winners on Acid

I had a dream a few weeks ago. Picture the scene: I?m 12 and we are at the local fair, my mother has abandoned me, I?m lost amongst the sickly sweet smells of toffee apples and candy floss, children scream out from the terrifying roller coaster above. I wander in a daze towards the waltzers and get on, round and round until I am delirious, my head is spinning, I?m lost but happy. How does this relate to the new single from the Crimea? Well, ?Lottery Winners on Acid? is the soundtrack to this dream, a deliciously bittersweet waltz of guitars and Wurlitzers, pierced by Davey McManus’ Eliott Smith-esque vocals.

A song about obsessive love (?She gets a disease/I want a disease/If she goes tripping/I go falling over?), the dark lyrics are counterbalanced by a toffee apple-sweet melody. “Lottery Winners on Acid” is beautifully off kilter, a song that brings to mind the Smiths, the Kinks and Bright Eyes in one single track. Little wonder then that the late, great John Peel fell so hopelessly in love with this song. Ironically its now gaining airplay on Radio One ?Daytime? as Colin and Edith?s download of the week. Hopefully this will expose the album ?Tragedy Rocks? to the attention it so richly deserves.

Verdict: 4 out of 5.

Review by Bill Cummings for God Is In The TV.

The Crimea – Lottery Winners On Acid

Tragedy Rocks was my favourite album of last year and if all goes to plan they should see the album go from strength to strength this year as people start to come around to their irresistable blend of off the wall kookiness and instant melody.

The Crimea start off their campaign to take things to a wider audience with the release of Lottery Winners On Acid, the drug reference in the song will probably be enough to stop the track getting the airplay it deserves but that doesn?t take away from the actual track itself.

Like the finer moments from Belle And Sebastian it oozes melody and an upbeat jangly quality to the guitar. The track bounces along with a smile on its face and a zip in its stride and should be the bands most successul single to date.

Lottery Winners On Acid is released through Warner Brothers on 9th January. The band have also extended Christmas and during the week of the release will be giving away prizes in the ?Crimea Lottery? (see link).

Beat Surrender Rating:
5 out of 5.

The Crimea Official Site
Crimea Lottery Competition

Review by Kev for The Beat Surrender, 07/01/06.

The Crimea – Lottery Winners On Acid

The best titled track of next year (yes already) is released from one of the albums of this year. The Crimea have chosen the excellent Lottery Winners On Acid as the first WEA release on the 9th January 2006.

Here is the video for you to enjoy in the meantime though.

Download/Stream Links

For Windows Media users
For Real Player users

Review by Kev for The Beat Surrender, 13/12/05.

The Crimea – Lottery Winners On Acid
As hard to believe as it may be, The Crimea?s Davey MacManus was once the gravel-toned frontman for hard drinking Irish Wildhearts clones The Crocketts. Here, he could quite easily be the bashful, monotype bearing next-door neighbour of Conor Oberst, such is his transformation over the past couple of years.

?Lottery Winners On Acid? sounds like the theme tune to Celebrity Love Island played backwards while a hush voiced MacManus reads an incendiary verse or two about ? wandering around aimlessly like a lottery winner on acid!

It all sounds good fun, is quite harmless in general, but shouldn?t be taken too seriously as a whole.

‘Lottery Winners On Acid’ can be downloaded from iTunes now.

Review by Dom Gourlay for The Downloader.

Single Reviews
Singles & Ep’s Review – January

Well After an amazing year in 2005 we thought we?d bring you the singles that?ll usher in the new year with the minimum of fuss! No guest reviewer, no hype, just single upon single of glorious noise?

?I miss the Crocketts, and although the Crimea don?t quite touch me in the same way (it?s all well and fine having weird song titles, but the music is nowhere near as leftfield as The Crocketts used to be) they do bring a slightly leftfield stance to folk rock which recalls The Flaming Lips when they?re trying to sound like a song from Sesame Street, but ultimately it?s that warm, crackling voice that gets you every time??

Review by Jeremy Chick for Subba-Culture.

This week’s reviews

6 Jan 2006

….and finally just to prove that we are on one great big loop as on The Truman Show I find myself again reviewing The Crimea ‘Lottery Winners on Acid’ for maybe the third or fourth time since I’ve worked here. Its a good song though. The singer, unfortunately, sounds a bit like the guy from the Stereophonics but otherwise its a neat little slice of English beat music with a catchy guitar bit and a lolloping chorus.

Review by Clint for Norman Records, 06/01/06.


Texas – ‘Sleep’ – 3/5
The Kooks – ‘If You Don’t Love Me’ – 4/5
Richard Ashcroft – ‘Break The Night With Colour’ – 3/5
Jose Gonzales – ‘Heatbeats’ – 1/5
Queens Of The Stone Age – ‘Burn The Witch’ – 4/5
Mark Owen – ‘Hail Mary’ – 3/5
Mylo – ‘Muscle Cars’ – 2/5
Sunblock – ‘I’ll Be Ready’ – 3/5
The Crimea – ‘Lottery Winners On Acid’ – 4/5
Elvis Presley – ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ – 4/5
Coldcut – Man In A Garage – 3/5
Rammstein – Rosenrot – 3/5

Release ratings taken from the Top Of The Pops website, 09/01/06.

Teletext LWOA review.

Teletext review from Channel 4′s Planet Sound, page 355, 09/01/06.

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    That link to Subba-Culture is blank.

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    Just noticed that the Beeb TOTP site lists you as the official site…

  3. Dave says:

    There’s a review on C4 Teletext page 355 from today until Thursday. Out of five red blobs they give LWOA three and a half (not bad considering they weren’t excited about the album). I’ll go and photo-it-up later if you want.

  4. Christopher says:

    no worries, i just took one myself. thanks.

  5. Denyer says:

    After listening to it, I’m coming to the conclusion that most of the reviews for ‘Burn the Witch’ that I’ve seen lately are paid…

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    Naww the whole new(est) QOTSA album is pretty fantastic to be honest. They’re much more an albums band than singles, you have to listen to a whole CD at once to ‘get it’ really.

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