Lottery Winners Video News

LWOA video.If you’ve not caught the Lottery Winners On Acid music video yet then you can watch it online at numerous places, including Room Thirteen, This Is Fake DIY, Video-C and even, as well as the usual place on the official site.
Very soon you’ll also be able to watch it on LWFX’s website who produced the
CG visual effects for the video.
While you’re at it, make sure to vote for the video on MTV 2′s NME Chart Vote page.
The video even has a listing on the Music Video Database. I’ve just sent them all the info I know on it but if you know any more (eg. directors, editors, commisioner) then feel free to email them.

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2 Responses to “Lottery Winners Video News”

  1. Dave says:

    The video is also shown regularly on MTV2′s "Spanking New Music" programme, as I caught the last 15 seconds or so of it last night. Still annoying not to have seen it yet but if it’s on the single then that should be put right tomorrow >:D

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