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Lottery Winners competition news from Crud News. Remember, you’ve still got time to enter the comp.
A shorter version of the same release is up at Mega Star, but it also has video links so what the hell.
Another press release is up at Contact Music and features no end of favourable quotes from popular publications to bigup the release of LWOA.
The wonderfully named Holy Toilet also have what looks like a press release though it’s put together in such a nice way, masqurading as a gig review, I’ll give you the link anyways.


The Crimea – Appropriate competition set to accompany new single, Faye Ripley thankly not involved

Sometimes the most obvious things in life are the most fun. So, The Crimea are releasing a single, the dainty, winsome and slightly askew ‘Lottery Winners On Acid’, on 9 January. And they are accompanying it with their own lottery. Hooray! It runs every day from January 9-13 with prizes ranging from video iPods, to HMV vouchers, to a digital camera, to copies of their fairly excellent ‘Tragedy Rocks’ record.

So get thee over to and pick your numbers!

News post from Crud News, 21/12/05.

The Crimea

The Crimea - Lottery Winners On Acid - Video Stream‘Lottery Winners On Acid’
The single released January 9th on Warner Bros. Records

‘Superb, imaginative songwriting underpins the vibrant emotional rock sound of this five-piece – The Telegraph

‘Catchy melodic songs are played inventively and intuitively by a magnificent five piece band’ – The Independent

‘Macmanus is a special talent indeed. Uniformly gorgeous’ – Q

‘Possesses an unrivalled individuality and charm” Music Week

‘Macmanus knows how to coin an arresting phrase, deliver a husky vocal and fashion a hook-filled three minutes” – Sunday Times

With praise for their debut album ‘Tragedy Rocks’ building by the day, The Crimea are poised to release ‘Lottery Winners On Acid’ as their debut Warner Bros. Records single on January 9th.

Evocative of artists such as the Flaming Lips and Pavement, yet with a unique personality of its own, the carnival-lope ride of ‘Lottery Winners On Acid’ is one of the most remarkable moments of the spectacularly inventive ‘Tragedy Rocks’ set.

“I ran off to Australia to escape the hideousness of London,” says charismatic vocalist Davey Macmanus of his memories of writing the track. “I used £1000 my granny gave me when she died to buy the ticket. I’d never had £1000 before. I bought a massive bag of weed when I got there and then ran off to an island where I had my own little cove. I lived on a fruit diet and sat under a huge rock writing every day, eventually, this song came along and I went home.”

One of The Crimea’s earliest breaks came when Davey spotted Fran Healy of Travis and took his chance to pass him a demo. A week later The Crimea opened for Travis at Brixton Academy. Kings Of Leon were also suitably impressed with The Crimea’s demo and again offered them a support slot.

In the US, The Crimea have won a successive of great support tours following a sensational performance at SXSW. As well as a recent tour with Billy Corgan, The Crimea have also hit the road with Ash, The Bravery, Keane and Dashboard Confessional.

Davey is also a published author. His debut collection of short stories and poems entitled ‘Unamazing Disgraces’ is released through Shiny Beast Publishing under the pseudonym Kernel Krock. His friend JT Leroy asked him to read poetry at his latest book launch alongside Marianne Faithful and impressed the literati present.

Please turn over for The Crimea’s upcoming live dates.

Upcoming tour dates:

18th – York Barfly
23rd – Bristol Louisiana
25th – Tunbridge Wells Forum
26th – Coventry Colloseum
30th – Chelmsford Bitterscene


1st – Winchester Railway
2nd – Aldershot West End

9th – LONDON ? KOKO (Club NME)

Press release taken from the Contact Music website.

The Crimea
People in Planes . The Heights . Tryst
Friday 25th

What goes on in Davey Macmanus’ head is not always so pretty. But as frontman for The Crimea, he turns it into beautiful and sweeping rock’n'roll. TRAGEDY ROCKS, the London band’s debut album, is both lush and lacerating; 11 edgy and melodic cocktails sweetened by sonic ambition and spiked with Davey’s debauched, bitter-funny tales of mean streets, meaner romance, good gin and not-so-good times. Having already received high praise from the late John Peel (the legendarily impassioned British DJ called “Lottery Winners On Acid” “one of the best songs I’ve heard in years”), SPIN (which deemed the band’s 2004 SXSW showcase “an arena-worthy performance”) and the Austin Chronicle (“consolidates all three Kinks eras – Sixties, Seventies, Eighties – in a slick ’00 lathering of wit and whimsy”), The Crimea are poised to make more headway in America – certainly more than the Light Brigade did in the Ukraine.
“We want to be a timeless rock band, lyrically, musically and aesthetically,” says drummer Owen Hopkins. “I don’t want to be pretentious and compare us to the Beach Boys, but we really like Brian Wilson’s term ‘pocket symphonies.’ We’re trying to do something that isn’t just drums, bass, guitars. Something intricately woven, but always sort of skewed.”
The Crimea’s secret weapon is Davey’s voice – instead of composing and arranging the material on actual instruments, he’d sing the different parts, then turn those vocal melodies into guitar and keyboard lines. “That’s why I think they’re a little bit more hooky than your average guitar solo,” Macmanus says.
Even though they eventually got themselves a 16-track recorder, The Crimea remain amazed their Wall of Sound and vivid lyrics found the U.K. press comparing them to such greats as The Flaming Lips and Leonard Cohen. Or that they were handpicked for opening slots with the likes of Kings of Leon, Dashboard Confessional and Ash. Or that their third single, “Baby Boom,” came in at #8 on John Peel’s 2003 Festive Fifty.
The London-based quintet, as a live proposition, are an emotive whirlwind. Ex-Crockett, Davey brandishes his guitar like an assault weapon, but his manner never gets affected to the point of annoyance. Perhaps that’s because the Crimea writes clever, well-developed pop songs that touch on psychedelia, glam, and goth while retaining a wholly original essence. Their default mood is simultaneously morose and majestic in the finest Brit-pop tradition. With two guitars, a rhythm section, and a pianist, their arrangements are full-bodied, too.

Article from BLAM magazine November 2005 issue, via The Holy Toilet.

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