One More Review

Only one review for you today, from UKMIX who give it 4 out of 5 saying it “generally just makes you smile”.
Forgot about this yesterday: Channel 4 had some chart predictions up for this week up on teletext page 351 (no idea if it’s still there). Hit more to see the full image courtesy of Dave via the message board, but basically it says they think LWOA may make it into the top 40, though you’ve still got a few hours left to help out. If I’ve said it once I’ve said it… err… about twice… BBUUUYYYY!!!
BBC Radio 2But don’t be out long as The Crimea will be performing on Dermot O’ Leary’s BBC Radio 2 show in about thirty minutes.
To finish with, I bring the sad news that the Crimea Lottery competition is now over. Winning ticket numbers can be found here. Full matches win the stated prize, 4 or 5 number matches get a signed album, and no I didn’t win anything either :o (.
UPDATE: I think the Radio 2 session had the desired effect; Tragedy Rocks is now the 83rd 77th 61st 51st 40th (as of 18/01/06) best selling album on

Singles released w/c 9th January 2006

The CrimeaLottery Winners On Acid
Following the success of original and exciting bands like Guillemots, Arcade Fire, and many more in 2005, it looks as if this trend will continue through 2006. To keep the ball rolling, we’ve got this lot – The Crimea. “Lottery Winners On Acid” is a quirky piece of piano-led indie/pop with a merry feel, and generally just makes you smile. It won’t be a big hit, but it will make a few people’s day.
* * * * (good stuff)

Review by Twixy for UKMIX, 09/01/06.

Teletext Chart News

Channel 4′s Planet Sound teletext news from 12/01/06. Photo by Dave.

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8 Responses to “One More Review”

  1. Monkeyfish says:

    anyone gonna record the session? cos I will…

  2. monkeyfish says:

    actually bugger, I can’t find the cable I need to do that

  3. Christopher says:

    i’m recording a dvb-t brodcast (i think it’s ~192kbps) to wav. unless you have a better way, you needn’t bother unless you want the whole show, i usually just send out the crimea bits to people if they ask.

  4. monkeyfish says:

    Nah thats much better than my way. Any chance you could put them my way? (

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