Look Out

I bought a DVD the other day. Little did I know how relevant the title would become a week later. They say a picture speaks a thousand words, so here’s a couple that just scream at you. Bear in mind that Lottery Winners On Acid was released last week, and Tragedy Rocks gets re-issued in a couple more….

31!!! Tragedy Rocks
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  1. Christopher says:

    it’s pirates, denyer, piiraateess! how can it not be good :o (

  2. Denyer says:


    ilovedust again, by any chance?

    It’s fucking awful enough…

  3. Denyer says:

    It’s not that I particularly dislike the image… although it’s not eye-catching by any stretch of imagination… it’s just been badly thought out, much like some of their toddling steps toward website creation.

    I’d maintain that completely changing the cover of an *already-released* album a couple of months after it was first issues is a poor PR move. Anyone who ends up with a duplicate copy (due to mistake by themselves or by a friend/relative buying it for them) is likely to look less favourably on future releases, a person buying for them will be less inclined to buy music on someone else’s behalf, etc.

    People also use cover art as a means of telling whether they’re looking at the right album online, and a lot of sales are conducted online these days. Anything which causes a double-take or misapprehension amongst potential customers is Not A Good Thing. The different covers for Lottery Winners On Acid (many sites still showing the EP/2002 cover) already lost some sales, I’d wager.

    (There’s also the unfortunate fact that a skull-and-crossbones design these days signifies rap music to a lot of people, but that’s a fairly minor point.)

    I think the changes are coming because either UK promotion or the band themselves are experimenting… and to be honest, the two-colour designs may actually look unusual enough that they stand out on the shelf, and if they’d been adopted from the beginning then I could see it working as a form of branding.

    Retroactive/parallel works (to some extent) with books and comics — particularly when selling to two age demographics — but music purchasers tend to like their feed as clear and unambiguous as possible. Partly because they’re paying more per unit of product, but mostly because they don’t *want* to have to think "is this the right CD?"

    In terms of representing the music, I’d say the US album cover does the band most favours: a dash of colour to focus the eye centrally, small sans serif label at the top indicating "modern, intelligent alt.indie"…

    The UK 2005 cover isn’t bad… the blue and the gradients suggest a certain amount of richness, although the image overpowers the band/album names.

    The ‘red’ cover… the nicest thing I can say about it is that the band name is clearly visible when shrunk down (say, in an online store) and it reminds me a lot of a friend’s photography. It doesn’t really feel as if it has any connection to the album.

    But anyway, yeah, late change and confusion of potential customers = bad.

  4. Denyer says:

    The US cover is also by ilovedust as far as I’m aware… someone on the design team *does* know how to use colour, they just seem not to have been around since.

    The maintained design element — the textured scratchwork/canvas background — isn’t a bad starting point, it just wants a dash of something else to get attention initially.

  5. Christopher says:

    *ahem*… ermm… pirates?

    fwiw the US one was done by Adria Petty (her page on it), and i just noticed a few days ago that it’s made from this photo. herself and ilovedust do seem to work together alot though.

  6. Denyer says:

    Wicked… someone hire her more then, dammit…

    Yeah, pirates. Sorry, I’m used to looking at things on a number of levels and dissecting ‘em automatically. Just trying to explain how I got to the conclusion "It’s fucking awful enough…" — I wasn’t just saying I didn’t like the image.

  7. ild says:

    hey there peoplw . thought id drop a small explination to the artwork post. Firstly the image for the US release was art directed by Adria Petty it was one of about 30 designs we put fwd – this was then chosen by Adria nad the band and WB US. the original is somewhat different with a far heavier and messed up font. Then came the UK re release this was a photo of Davey the band liked and was taken in New Orleans i Believe before the hurricanes. It was released and to be honest we were pretty happy with it but the powers that be decided it was somewhat similar to another bands artwork and to save any confussion it would be best to redo the art once more. This was based on the guys finally getting some budget to really push the band in 2006 . The flag or pirate artwork is based on a drawing and mock up that Davey and Owen showed us a while back.
    The LWOA single cover is in a similar style (ie hand drawn) which a direction the next single will also follow. we appreciate thats its not to everyones taste and of course everyones entitled to there opinion, but i just thought i would fill in the holes on this issue.
    As for the website I think were looking at also bringing it more in line with the now agreed upon artwork and also make it a bit speedier ( this applies to UK website ) so finger crossed they let us do that . cheers mark

  8. Christopher says:

    wow… thanks for the input (personally i love it)… err… now play calmly boys ;o)

  9. (rage3234) says:

    Whilst i love the cover on the recent UK release of the album I can see how close it is in colour and design to the latest Starsailor album so i can definately see the reasons behind the new cover for the re release, which i think is cracking btw

  10. Denyer says:

    > The flag or pirate artwork is based on a drawing and mock
    > up that Davey and Owen showed us a while back.

    Fair enough, I’ll blame them then. ;-)

    (Well, mostly, as it’d be nice to see a dash of colour in there to catch the eye more.)

    I just think it’s a huge shame (and likely to the band’s disadvantage in sales) that we’ve got cover swaps coming this late in the day. It’s something that ideally wants careful initial planning.

    Obviously, though, it’s far from an ideal world, in marketing or anything else. It’s good to hear that the current approach will be stuck to with the next single.

    > As for the website I think were looking at also bringing
    > it more in line with the now agreed upon artwork and
    > also make it a bit speedier

    Please, please work on the design (usability and use of space) more than the images / colours / reinventing the wheel with javascript.

    All the best with it. :-)

  11. ild says:

    hahah yes indeed i agree with yer comments and i think ( i hope ) you like the new cover for … jees nearly said what it was then.. the new single. il post it up as soon as its signed off if you like?



  12. Christopher says:

    >>… jees nearly said what it was then..

    oooh i *wonder*, whatever could it beee…

    ps. love the provisional design for it. it just says.. "i care", you know?

  13. . says:

    tell us you bastards!

  14. Owen says:

    C’mon Christopher, I’ve sent you the artwork to the new single… put it up, for God’s sake. Put everyone out of their misery!

  15. Christopher says:

    aww it’s sooo gonna spoil the surprise. *nobody* will have guessed it or anything…

    well, if you say so.

  16. jay Z says:

    kanye a close friend of the band , dropping the beats and loops over owens funky drummer rift

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