Today’s Bonus Ball: 31!

Radio TimesI hope you heard the charts yesterday. Or got the rather obvious hint in the image I posted. The Crimea major lable single debut Lottery Winners On Acid entered the charts at number 31, higher than both Mylo and a re-entry from Big Brother darlings the Oridinary Boys. Not that it’s enough to make Woolworths sell the damn thing.
It’s all good though, the UK’s best selling television guide (I guess…) the Radio Times feature a huge, almost full page review and recommendation of the band’s Tragedy Rocks album in this week’s issue (14th – 20th Jan, pictured). Pick up a copy ASAP though, I’m not sure how much longer they’re on sale for and I got the last one from WH Smith.
Now the band really are pop chart stars, BBC show Top Of The Pops’ website features the full video for the single along with seven other of this weeks top tunes. I could swear I’ve also mentioned their interview with the band before, but I can’t find it anywhere so I’ll mention it again. Who’s number 31? Not Blunty, eh.
And the inevitable single reviews, today going from bad (New Noise) through fair (Rock Midgets) to pretty darn good (Comfort Comes).

The Official UK Singles Chart : 15.01.2006


1 – 1 – (4) – Shayne Ward – That’s My Goal – (Syco Music)
2 – 2 – (5) – Nizlopi – JCB Song – (FDM)
3 – NEW – New Entry – (-) – Richard Ashcroft – Break The Night With Colour – (Parlophone)
4 – NEW – New Entry – (-) – Sunblock – I’ll Be Ready – (Manifesto)
5 – 4 – (3) – Brian Kennedy & Peter Corry – George Best: A Tribute – (Curb)
6 – NEW – New Entry – (-) – Texas – Sleep – (Mercury)
7 – 3 – (10) – Madonna – Hung Up – (Warner Bros)
8 – 6 – (9) – Black Eyed Peas – My Humps – (A&M)
9 – NEW – New Entry – (-) – Jose Gonzalez – Heartbeats – (Peace Frog)
10 – 5 – (4) – Eminem – When I’m Gone – (Interscope)
11 – 7 – (6) – Sugababes – Ugly – (Island)
12 – NEW – New Entry – (-) – Kooks – You Don’t Love Me – (Virgin)
13 – 9 – (4) – James Blunt – Goodbye My Lover – (Atlantic)
14 – 8 – (7) – Pussycat Dolls – Stickwitu – (A&M)
15 – 11 – (7) – Kelly Clarkson – Because Of You – (RCA)
16 – 15 – (13) – Arctic Monkeys – I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor – (Domino Recordings)
17 – 10 – (2) – Editors – Munich – (Kitchenware)
18 – 18 – (6) – DHT Ft Edmee – Listen To Your Heart – (Data)
19 – 13 – (10) – Simon Webbe – No Worries – (Innocent)
20 – 21 – (8) – Tom Novy Ft Michael Marshall – Your Body – (Data)
21 – 16 – (3) – Hard-Fi – Cash Machine – (Atlantic / Necessary)
22 – 20 – (2) – Aaron Smith Ft Luvli – Dancin’ – (Boss)
23 – 17 – (19) – Pussycat Dolls Ft Busta Rhymes – Don’t Cha – (A&M)
24 – 22 – (4) – Coldplay – Talk – (Parlophone)
25 – 23 – (15) – Sugababes – Push The Button – (Island)
26 – 14 – (5) – Westlife Ft Diana Ross – When You Tell Me That You Love Me – (S)
27 – 28 – (14) – Kanye West Ft Jamie Foxx – Gold Digger – (Roc-a-Fella)
28 – RE – (-) – Kanye West Ft Adam Levine – Heard ‘em Say – (Roc-a-Fella)
29 – 25 – (8) – Gorillaz – Dirty Harry – (Parlophone)
30 – 30 – (4) – Hound Dogs – I Like Girls – (Direction)
31 – NEW – New Entry – (-) – Crimea – Lottery Winners On Acid – (Warner Bros)
32 – 24 – (26) – James Blunt – You’re Beautiful – (Atlantic)
33 – RE – (-) – Ordinary Boys – Boys Will Be Boys – (B Unique)
34 – 27 – (25) – Daniel Powter – Bad Day – (Warner Bros)
35 – 34 – (11) – Kaiser Chiefs – I Predict A Riot / Sink That Ship – (B Unique/ Polydor)
36 – 26 – (5) – Robbie Williams – Advertising Space – (Chrysalis)
37 – 19 – (4) – Girls Aloud – See The Day – (Polydor)
38 – NEW – New Entry – (-) – Mylo Ft Freeform Five – Muscle Car – (Breastfed)
39 – 29 – (12) – Westlife – You Raise Me Up – (S)
40 – 37 – (6) – Herd & Fitz Ft Abigail Bailey – I Just Can’t Get Enough – (All Around The World)

The Official UK Singles Chart is compiled by The Official UK Charts Company

TW – This Week’s Chart Position
LW – Last Week’s Chart Position
Wks – Number Of Weeks In The Chart

Official UK Single Chart taken from the BBC Radio 1 website, 15/01/06.

You're History
Far from it. Everyone’s loving the Crimea. So we take a tragical history tour with band named after a war. Yay!

TOTP: Are you mad at Franz Ferdinand for nabbing what’s quite clearly the best historical band name ever?
Andy: I think ours is better so I’m not too mad! Theirs is probably the second best historical band name ever.
Davey: Their name is brilliant, but we almost called ourselves ‘The Siegfried Line’. We were going for a Siegfried Sassoon vibe, but Franz Ferdinand definitely jumped in ahead of us with the old Second World War references.
Joe: All of theirs is First World War!

TOTP: Which do you think was the greater historical tragedy – the building of the Berlin Wall, the incarceration of Nelson Mandela or the birth of James Blunt?
Andy: You can’t say that about poor James Blunt! My brother actually works with his parents, I found out yesterday! And he used to spell his name B-L-U-E-N-T until recently!
Joe: Blunty!
Andy: Err…it’s got to be the Berlin Wall, hasn’t it?
Joe: Yeah, that affected a lot more people.
TOTP: Bigger than Blunty?!
Joe: We can’t carry on giving James Blunt a hard time!
Davey: We’ve never given him a hard time!
Joe: I mean one can’t!
TOTP: Well he’s number one in our top 5 wet popstars at the moment.
Joe: Well there’s probably a case for that, it’s raining the whole way through his video!
Davey: Who’s number 2?
TOTP: Keane!
Davey: We toured with them earlier this year.
Joe: Everyone thought I was the singer, I had longer hair, and went out into the crowd and this guy brought his daughter up saying, “Hug her! Kiss her! Don’t let her down!”
Andy: Tom’s really tall actually! He’s a lot taller than you would think.

TOTP: If you could go back to any historical period in time, which would it be?
Davey: It’d have to be the Wild West for me.
TOTP: Just for the cowboy hat or any deeper reason?
Davey: Just riding round on a horse shooting people, looking for gold!
Andy: I’d probably have gone back to the peak of the Roman Empire, just before it collapsed, which is what people are saying now about Western civilisation, that it’s the peak of hedonism, over-indulgence and materialism, and I think that’s the best time to be. As long as you weren’t a slave.
Davey: You would have been having your arse kicked, you’re English! They’d have been stealing your women and burning your crops!
Andy: I’d have defected! But they didn’t stick around in Britain for long anyway, because it rained too much! They ran off back to Italy!
Joe: I’d be cheesy and go for the ’60s personally!

TOTP: Would it be safe to say that you lead a pretty reckless lifestyle rather than a healthy one?
Andy: No, not at all!
Joe: We know how to party, but we look after ourselves.
Andy: I think healthy is the new rock’n'roll!
TOTP: You and James Blunt?!
Andy: Yeah, there’s nothing wrong with it! I tell you what, Keane were a model of good health – white wine spritzers, and they go running all the time, they look great! We were staggering in, red faced and hung over! I think it’s a good thing, stay healthy kids!

TOTP: If you were in a war, who would you be fighting, what would your survival tactics be, and also, what would your war cry be?
Davey: I always say we’re in a global war against terrible music. That’s our rallying cry.
Joe: The war cry would definitely be “send in the light brigade!”, as we’ve got a song that says that repeatedly.
Andy: “Where’s Florence Nightingale when you need her?!” That would be the retreat cry actually!
Davey: I don’t know who we’d be fighting, it’s so hard not to launch a tirade against hideous music of the day. I like to think that we’re morally correct, we believe in kindness and caring and love, and all the old values, so I think we’d be out there fighting…
Andy: I think we’d be fighting ourselves actually!
Davey: We often fight ourselves. Or each other. We’d be fighting for a higher moral stance for everybody in general, fighting people who spit on the ground, throw litter and don’t get up for old ladies on the tube.

TOTP: But surely for the greater good of the nation, you’d be caring for their ears if you were to fight McFly?
Davey: Then we should be fighting Marilyn Manson, as he’s “the devil” apparently. They’re just not even worth mentioning…I guess you could have a battle against people who don’t write their own music, but then you’d have to get Elvis Presley as well, and that’s a tough one.
Joe: Son of Dork.
Andy: But the early Beatles.
Davey: And Dusty Springfield.
Andy: To be honest, I haven’t got a problem with McFly, but I can’t really think of anyone right now who I’d desperately want to slag off.
Davey: McFly were talking about us on the Frank Skinner show.
Joe: We asked if we’d seen them at a Dashboard Confessional show, and they said they’d only gone to see us, as we were supporting. They said we were brilliant, and they left after us!
Andy: I have got a bit of a problem with Babyshambles to be honest. I think you’d probably be fighting against bands that should rely more on writing music than appearing in the tabloids.
Joe: There’s no doubt that Pete does have talent, but I don’t think he’s the saviour that everyone says he is.

TOTP: If you could go back and meet any historical figure, who would it be and what would you give them as a souvenir of 2005?
Andy: Henry VIII, and I’d give him some laxative! Or give him some valium to make him calm down and stop killing all his ex-wives!
Davey: I would go back to meet Geronimo, a famous Indian war chief, and I’d give him lots of really good army equipment, helicopters, tanks and things, anything you’d need to beat the settlers! Send the settlers back to wherever they came from!
Andy: Or, I’d choose Hitler, and give him a Playstation so he doesn’t ever leave the house!

TOTP: Hook Hitler on Tetris! Did John Peel ever hear your album?
Davey: He didn’t hear this one, but he did hear the first one. There are different versions of events, but basically, I was claiming to have given the CD to John Peel, but really, my sister gave it to him. Anyway, she gave him the CD of 11 home recordings, and he played every single one on his show over the next two-three weeks, which is unbelievable. We were pretty impressed, and in America, everybody worships him, so it helped us over there, and everywhere else. Luckily, we were one of the last bands he got excited about, that he really got behind, and not only has it helped us, but people feel they owe his legacy something, and to be involved in that legacy is amazing.
Andy: Also, it’s hard to sometimes feel that you’re one of the best bands in the world, but when you’ve got someone like John Peel saying it, it really cements what you believe, and gives you validation for existing feelings. I know he used to play quite a lot of dodgy stuff…but he played so many bands, and if you look at the greatest bands, he was always one of the first people to play them.

Interview by Laura S for the Top Of The Pops website, 04/11/05

The Singles Revue: 09.01.06

The Crimea ? Lottery Winners On Acid
The Crocketts, from the ashes of whom The Crimea emerged, were a personal late teenhood soundtrack, loves and losses set to Davey Macmanus?s cracked, confused, angry vocal outbursts. ?Lottery Winners?? was previously released, fact fans, over three years ago, and isn?t nearly as affecting. Sorry.

Review by Adam Anonymous for New Noise, 09/01/06.

Lottery Winners On Acid - The CrimeaLottery Winners On Acid

The Crimea have received frothing reviews from the likes of Q and the notoriously sniffy Independent; I can see why. The sunny melodies, upbeat instrumentation and happy-go-lucky feel are pleasant to say the least. However, ‘Lottery Winners On Acid’ sounds almost exactly like the recent album by Jeff Tweedy’s Wilco outfit, from the lilting vocals down to the quirky lyrics which probably only make sense to whoever wrote it (That would be frontman Davey McManus, formerly of The Crocketts – Obscure band Ed.). While the song individually is enjoyable enough ? although the constant guitar part playing underneath it becomes trying after a few listens ? the overriding feeling that you’ve heard it before is too much to shake off. Anyone who’s never listened to Wilco will love it, of course.

Rating: 2/5

Review by Dan Jones for Rock Midgets.

Single Review – The Crimea – Lottery Winners On Acid
Score: 9

The name Crimea has popped up a lot, but until now their record has never crossed my path. The Welsh five piece reissue “Lottery Winners On Acid” this is the latest off their “Tragedy Rocks” LP, which after hearing this you will want to pick up. “Lottery Winners On Acid” employs Reggae style drums over some sweet acoustic guitars. The song is immediately accessible but after repeat listen you discover more and more and it just gets better with age. It’s a gorgeous tune with some top lyrics. A really solid track that shouldn’t be overlooked again, this band is only destined for huge things

Review by John Siwicki for Comfort Comes.

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