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Lots more reviews today, but first a reccomendation from Channel 4 in their list of the top 25 things for 2006.
So, a rather strange 11 out of 13 from Room Thirteen, a just as strange 5 out of 6 from Phase 9, Rock City give it 4/5 and a 7/10 comes from The Communion.
Elsewhere, Scotland’s The Daily Record say it’s an “absolutely superb single”, Drowned In Sound compare it to the previous release, and All One Word make it single of the week.

Ahoy there!

We’re so excited, and we just can’t hide it!

We’re about to lose control and we think we like it. Yes, it’s a new year, bringing with it the promise of exciting pop artists just waiting in the wings to take over our hearts and make us all giggly and that.

And then we heard that 2006 is the year of the new Radiohead album. “So what?” say the world (and us). There’s a whole bulging sackful of new, wonderful things that are far more worthy of our slightly unhinged affections.

Such as, you say? Well we’ve written them all down for you: the 25 things we’re more excited about than the new Radiohead album! Huzzoinks!

6. The Crimea
New indie bands are great, we love them, but new indie bands that don?t sound a whole lot like all the other indie bands are even better. Hurrah, then, for The Crimea, who sound a little bit different to all the other bands hitching rides with the Killers or tailgating in the black fumes spewed out by The Darkness.

Article taken from Channel 4′s Slashmusic website.

Crimea – Lottery Winners On Acid

Lottery Winners On AcidRated 11 out of 13.

This is a band that have already had praise from on high, with the late great John Peel loving their sound, and support slots alongside Travis, Kings Of Leon and Ash, show that their music is popular with other musicians. Having heard this single it is easy to see why.

In our review of the album, by my colleague Christine Miller she said ” Lottery Winners On Acid’ sounds like it was written for a steel band, with a perfectly fitting, trippy rhythm and a warm hazy melody that will float around your head for an eternity,..”

Having heard the single for the first time she is not wrong. You wonder what you are listening too, but it is a catchy tune, the sort that stick in your head during long hot summers. The only difference is that this is being released during a cold dark January. ‘Lottery Winners On Acid’ is a song that should get a lot of air play, and will stick in your mind forever!

“I ran of to Australia to escape the hideousness of London,” said Davey Macmanus about writing this song. “I used ?1000 my granny gave mne when she died to buy the ticket. I’d never had ?1000 before. I bought a massive bag of weed when I got there and ran off to an island where I had my own little cove. I lived on a fruit diet and sat under a huge rock writing every day, eventually this song came along and I went home.”

Listening to ‘Lottery Winners On Acid’ Is like participating in the sharing of that weed, and all those feelings that follow – so I am told!

Review by Paul Diggett for Room Thirteen, 08/01/06.


With a well-received debut album (TRAGEDY ROCKS) and a succession of support slots for the likes of Billy Corgan, Ash, Keane and Kings of Leon behind them, things are looking up for The Crimea and their wordsmith vocalist Davey MacManus.

This song was inspired by MacManus using some inheritance money to run off to Australia and get off his gourd under a rock, and its dreamy fairground psychedelia does a convincing job of documenting his state of mind at the time.

Rating: 5 out of 6.

Review by Mark Bayross for Phase 9.

The Crimea ? Lottery Winners On Acid

A twisted jangley introduction with a slight Calypso feel to it; lyrics with a ?druggy? reference (a bit of controversy never hurt anyone!) and a soothing track that sounds like it could be the latest catchy single from Travis. 2006 kicks off to a great start with Davey Macmanus and his band ?The Crimea? doing everything they can to get the warm vibe of their charming music into the general public?s subconscious on a cold damp January morning! Heart-warming!

Rating: 4/5

Review by Greg Thomas for Rock City, 16/01/06.

The Crimea
Lottery Winners on Acid

Release Date: 16th January on Warner

Wet and cliched stories of travelling to Australia with a bag of weed and doing nothing other than writing songs shouldn?t blight this endearingly catchy pop number from the Crimea?s debut album ?Tragedy Rocks?.

The real issue is this song made it into the top ten of Peel?s festive fifty a few years back, causing a stir before the album was anywhere near release. It has been dismissed as a predictable soft pop rock affair but it?s a world better than the latest Bright Eyes and the like.


Review by Ellen for The Communion.

An absolutely superb single, this is reminiscent of the Beta Band and Flaming Lips in equal measure. It is a pop nugget with shades of psychedelic beauty. Davey MacManus’s London-based quintet are certainly destined for great things and the album, Tragedy Rocks, was the one that got away in 2005.

Review taken from the Daily Record website, 13/01/06.

The Crimea - Lottery Winners On AcidThe Crimea: Lottery Winners On Acid

Type: Single
Release date: 09/01/2006
Label: Warner Bros.
Info: Warner Bros. re-release

It?s now been over three years since we first heard that The Crocketts had mutated into The Crimea, and a little while longer since three minutes of doe-eyed bliss entitled ?Lottery Winners On Acid? first graced the ears of your correspondant. But I can see the question unfolding itself as you open your quivering lips, and that question is: is it still worth it? After a change in label, a large production-sheen overhaul and the best part of half a decade gone by, is ?LWOA? still?well?any good?

The answer is, frankly, yes. The answer is, frankly, abso-bloody-lutely. The Crimea seem to have the ability to craft songs that, even if they were pumped continuously into your consciousness from here to eternity, would still fill you with some inexplicable desire to bellow along with them. Seeing as this song is their most timeless, it means ?Lottery Winners On Acid? has lost nothing of its puppy-dog charm. Sure, it does resonate with dark undertones ? ?If she got?s a disease, I want a disease? and so on ? but the overall effect is too sweet to seem twisted, just wildly and loveably na?ve. Yes, the re-recording may give the song an entirely different sentiment to some people, but whereas the original would?ve felt a bit creepy without all the breathless coy glances, the ?Tragedy Rocks? version has enough twinkling glockenspiels, stratospheric guitars and lovelorn vocal ensembles to stick a glittery rocket under your ribcage marked ?With compliments, D. Macmanus?.

What’s more, if you?re missing their sorrowful side, they give an understated go to Holland/Dozier/Holland?s ?You?ve Been A Long Time Coming? on the flipside, making it sound like some bitter cabaret act (in a good way) still unsuccessfully trying to lure you for a slow dance. What are you waiting for?

Review by Thomas Blatchford for Drowned In Sound.

The Crimea – Lottery Winners On Acid

Awwh shucks what love, what love. “If she gets a splinter, I want a splinter too”. Sounds like a very restrained Flaming Lips, slightly disturbing, good intentioned and rather sweet. B-side; “Heads I win, Tails You Lose” sounds a bit more like a cocksure Conor Oburst slurring his heart out to an empty bar whilst hanging on to dear life to the floor as the room spins around. Fairly good stuff and a decent enough runner up to…

Review by thisisalloneword for All One Word, 18/01/06.

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