Crimea Street Team Help

The Crimea’s Street Team run by Wild UK need your help. They’re currently looking for people to hand out promo material and sign up people to the mailing list at the Peterborough, Hastings, Dundee and Inverness gigs. In return they promise to hand over free Crimea gifts and tickets to the show, so if you wanna help then please contact Sam on

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2 Responses to “Crimea Street Team Help”

  1. Christopher says:

    heh now i have a real reason to mention it again :o ) shouldn’t worry about it though, they’ll end up getting all the insults from the weird ash fans.
    i was looking for something special to stick on the lj place yesterday, it looked all lonely, but all i found were radio session mp3s, most of which are online here. maybe i’ll find something today.
    send away with the photos/vids, try, i’ll prolly find em anyway but it takes a while. i’m trying to update the site with a load of photos from last year at the moment.

  2. alex says:

    The Street Team is an utter bunch of arse. If I’d have seen your post before I came down here I’d have tried my best to replace the kids who had barely heard of the Crimea and when Joe pointed out he was actually a member of the band told him "his album was alright" and then asked if the Crimea were on first..
    Thanks for the link to the community, I will update it and hassle people to join and post when I’m back at uni with my highspeed broadband. Curse Peterborough and my Dad’s ancient dial-up.
    I’ve got photos and video clips and whatnot so let me know if you want anything for the site, although they are a tad, err, arty. Elodie informs me you are a google-maniac so I’ll only send stuff that isn’t already on the web or chances are you would have found it already..
    Thanks again!

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