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Lots of magazine goodness today, starting with Q, although only their website where Lottery Winners On Acid is listed as 38 in their Top 50 Essential Download Tracks. They’ve got a clip for you to listen to too, incase you hate MySpace.
The February issue of The Fly has a small ad on page 85 by Virgin Mobile LOUDER. You may be less than bothered to read the company whom once dropped the band saying “the Crimea are going to be big in 2006″, but you may be interested in what the ad’s for – a competition over on the …LOUDER website to win a signed version of the album and single. It’s about as hard as recalling the last sentance you read. Infact, that’s the actual question. I guess there’s just no easy way to compile an e-mail database these days…
Ohh, the mag you all love to hate, the NME have another couple of Crimea ad’s in. They’re both updated versions of the ones in last weeks issue, the tour ad and the Virgin megastores ad recommending Tragedy Rocks, though this time with the new piratey cover. I’m still to find anywhere in Aber selling it yet though. And a pair of scissors. Who knew finding scissors would be so hard? Ebay it is…

NME - Go Ape!
The Hot Puppies 8

Oh yeah, one more thing. Just as I was reaching the end of said NME issue (4th Feb) I came across page 62. Like you do. But noticed something familiar about one of the articles. After quickly looking through this here site I promptly shat myself on the realisation that this here webmaster now had his very own photographic material in one of the biggest musical publications in the country. Yes kids, my photo’s in the NME!!! Without any idea why, I was unsure as to whether this was a good or a bad thing. I read on, and quicky realised that something even stranger was afoot. My photo of The Hot Puppies playing Aberystwyth University in 2002 was now part of a review/advertisement for a “Go Ape!” club night, with a footnote implying that it was taken at said club night in Bath. I checked with the club and apparently the NME choose the photos themselves, which frankly says a million times more about the reporting quality of the publication that I ever could. I wouldn’t be surprised if these Artic Monkey lot were actually a black African drumming band. That’s the last time I ever put “feel free to use” on a photo page. But, what the hell, here’s some pics of Elvis, The Beatles and Blondie playing Radio 1′s Exposure Tour at Aber Uni last night: Feel free to use em, everyone else has.

In the ’90s, they weren’t so successful and called The Crocketts. Today, they’re billing themselves as The Crimea and arrive championed by the late John Peel.


Chart listing from Q4Music’s Top 50 Essential Download Tracks chart, February 2006.



The Crimea rocked the foundations of the Virgin Mobile LOUDER night at the Barfly in 2003. And since then they’ve gone on to play with the great and the good. Not ones to forget their roots, they’ve slipped a signed copy of their newest album, Tragedy Rocks, our way. They sent a signed copy of their single, ?Lottery Winners on Acid?, too. You can win them both by answering our ridiculously easy question.

Article from the Virgin Mobile LOUDER website competition, February 2006.

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