Re-issued Album Appears

Tragedy Rocks New CoverSo my normal computer was making weird noises today, and after taking out virtually every single part individually to check what was doing it, it obviously ended up being the very last thing I checked – a tiny fan on the motherboard. So anyways, I just ordered a new one on eBay but don’t expect me to be around too much for the next day or so, these public workstation PCs suck.
That said, here’s some good news: the re-issued version of Tragedy Rocks with the new pirate flag cover is finally in circulation. I just picked up one myself from Andy’s in Aberystwyth (for the extortionate price of ?13.99 too, I though only HMV were allowed to charge that much). Anyway, it’s pretty much the same as the old one bar the cover and a new text font.
And if you hadn’t noticed, the latest Crimea tour is well underway. Davey’s blogging it up on the band’s MySpace page, and the rest of you are already offering up yourselves your photos to me via the message board. If you do have any photos / videos / reviews / random stuff that you want me to stick up here then no need to ask, just send them to either, or respectively.

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21 Responses to “Re-issued Album Appears”

  1. Olly Gaillemin says:

    HMV in manchester selling Tragedy Rocks for ?7.99 – not sure wether that’s a ‘prix nouveaute’ as they do in France in order to get people hooked, or that they purchased more than they feel they can shift ? Perish the thought.

  2. Denyer says:

    Nah, eight to ten quid is becoming fairly standard for new releases — supermarkets seem to be driving down prices in music stores.

    All in all, I’m expecting a lot of highstreet music stores to shift towards an emphasis on online distribution in future. HMV is already doing the "free" postage thing.

    In America, films (possibly music CDs too) tend to come out cheaper, to encourage people to buy before they go up in price a week or two later. That hasn’t quite caught on here yet.

    What was Andy’s price on the blue one? He was already becoming uncompetitive when I was still in Aber.

  3. Christopher says:

    >>What was Andy’s price on the blue one?

    Err… from what I remember, 11.99 or 12.99, but he’s replaced them with the new one now.

    I think his problem is he doesn’t have any competition. WH Smith sell a few albums (ones in their own chart), woolworths sell sell singles and albums (again, only ones in their own chart) aswell as a load of cheaper albums by 80s bands, and there’s some place by the station that’s got an ok selection of indie stuff but mainly 60s/70s rock. But the only place with anything like a decent selection is andy’s, so he can charge whatever he likes. Soon as I know who’s *really* got the new one online then I’m using them.

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