Project Winterhaven, Julz & Co.

Things have calmed down a little after the single lauch so I recon it’s a decent time for this.

Back history: Early 2003, The Crimea have finially resigned to the fact that Davey isn’t the best lead guitarist in the world. Que the search for a replacement culminating in the presence of one New Zealander Julz Parker accompaning the band for the next eight months. In The ValleyIf you saw her play, with/without The Crimea, just heard her from the bar, or generally believe the crap I was writing about her before she even had anything to do with The Crimea you’ll know why I’m still writing it.
Anyway, she moved back to Austrailia to continue work with her own band Project Winterhaven ages ago, and they’ve just released yet another album. I got a copy of In The Valley in the post a few days ago and it’s a nice collection of re-recorded stuff from earlier albums and some new things as well. If you’ve not heard anything by the band before then you could do worse than starting with this album. Previews of songs can be heard at With The Flow

Julz also provides lead guitar on the new album Going With The Flow from The Love Bus. I can’t get over how great the lead singer’s voice is. The music’s a bit more up tempo than the Project Winterhaven album, and a decent buy purely for track three “To Be” and the following “Life Is What You Make It”. If you wanna hear Julz playing a little more electric stuff then it’s perfect. Listen over at

Although she e-mailed me but 30 minutes ago personally thanking me Heaven Or Hellfor buying the EP, I swear I was planning on writing this anyway. I plugged Fly by Lecia on here a while ago, but I can now safely say the whole of her “Heaven Or Hell” EP is the greatest thing I’ve heard since I downloaded the live version of “Evil” by The Crimea about a year ago. It starts off great, and by the time Fly ends at track three you’re left wondering how the hell you’ve never heard of her before. Have a listen over at And apparently she’s touring the United Arab Emirates at the moment, in a band with – you guessed it – Julz Parker. They get around these Ozzies.

You can pick up all three albums online at for just over ?20 shipped to the UK (and don’t worry about the tax man, they handle him just nicely). And that concludes your monthly band pimpage on Well, there is that stuff Davey sent…

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