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An interview with The Crimea on their current single has been doing the rounds on MTV2 lately. I’m not sure if they’ll show it anymore, but if you were lucky enough to catch it then tell us all about it on the message board. Another thing you’ll have missed is the band’s live performance on the Totally Wired online radio show last Sunday. The live version of Baby Boom can be heard if you buy a subscription from them. I’m not that mad.
A review of the single Lottery Winners On Acid has been added to Nottingham’s online Impact Magazine. 4/5 ain’t bad.
But how’s 8th best album of 2005? That’s the result from the Caps And Spelling blog who give it a new review to accompany their chart.
Another review of the album from Screaming Tarts comes accompanied by a lot of back history. I think I’m banned from mentioning the old band name or something, so you can let them tell you why Davey used to have Crockett as his surname.
A totally unrelated man going by the name MacManus was so pleased with the review of the band’s 100 Club gig in the Evening Standard he scanned it in and e-mailed it to me. Nothing to do with the male figure bearing a distinct likeness of him in the middle, and general praise layed upon a lead singer of the same name I’m sure. Check it out here.
At the same time I received a couple of things from Mr MacManus that were either a request for greater exposure or just an e-mail to the wrong address. Either way, here’s some more band pimpage for you: Beastie Boys – Just A Test and Sebastien Leger – Take Your Pills. Sorry about the versions, it’s the best I could do :o ).

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