Both Davey and Owen/Andy have blogs running on their current UK tour. Check em out on MySpace and the official site respectively for info on the band’s shenanigans before gigs, and their own dissection of their performance afterwards.
The Crimea LJ CommunityThe Crimea Livejournal community is taking off, they’ve already got people posting photos from gigs and random other crap. Hell, even I joined in the fun, so if you’re finiding I’m taking a wee bit too long to post new gig photos then get over there and do it yourself.
A word of warning, if you happen accross any new Crimea t-shirts on eBay then please don’t buy them. The band sell their own t-shirts themselves at gigs and online, right here, and don’t recieve any money from people ripping off their designs. Of course, don’t let that put you off getting actual second hand official merchandise from eBay. I do it myself all the time :o ).

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  1. Denyer says:

    Still no bloody Cherry Pie EPs coming up on eBay, sadly… any of the band reading this happen to have a CD they’d care to flog to me? Chris did me a copy, but I’d quite like a pressed version (if indeed the reissue was pressed rather than burnt, which I’m led to believe it was.) Palisade remains my favourite Crocketts song. Mmm, feelgood.

  2. D1939 says:

    But the ebay ones are cheaper….just kidding, i should be getting my offical one from the boys soon!!

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