Au Revoir

I’m a little busy at the moment so don’t have the time to continually update this site, and any I did have should probably be spent elsewhere. Unfortunately that means that there will be no more huge news posts at until at least the summer, if at all. Someday I will get everything I have so far online, including whatever weird unreleased Crimea songs people have kindly sent me, but only when they’ve stopped releasing them. Which at this rate will be quite a while. I may also post a list of links to any interesting Crimea related news articles I find online, though it’ll most likely be *just* the links.

Don’t worry though, the band constantly update their MySpace page aswell as their official website at, and also send out regular emails to their mailing list, so you won’t miss out on anything. There’s also the new Crimea LiveJournal community where you can gossip about the band among yourselves.

Thanks to everyone who’s provided content for the site, helped out with it, or just visited it at all over the last four years. Hopefully by the time any of you read this I’ll have changed my mind :o P

If anyone feels like taking over then feel free to contact me at, though from experience I’d say you shouldn’t expect anyone else posting much either.

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10 Responses to “Au Revoir”

  1. olivier gaillemin says:

    Just wanted to say many thanks for all the input. Wife thinks I’m obsessed with my daily "inaudible" check for updates but perfect summary – you outdid all "official" sites by a mile – I’m sure the boys will be sad to see your input dwindle. Maybe a deal on percentage of royalties could revive interest? Wish you all the best with whatever it is keeping you busy and merci again.

  2. Carla says:

    Thank you for your fab website and for keeping us all updated so well. Its been much appreciated and you will be missed! Good luck with your exams.

  3. Martin says:

    Chris, I pay this site a daily visit so I’ll be sad to see less frequent updates a)because i’ll have to rely on the official site, and b) I enjoy your candid take on things! Hopefully you’ll be back online before too long!

  4. Churchie says:

    Appreciate the effort you put into it mate, top site-always the first site i look at. Good luck with everything

  5. Olga says:

    Thank you for your great updates and dedicationt. Will not be the same without you. I am in the U.A.E at the moment and the Lifeyournal and Davey?s blog are banned pages! Good luck in your endevours. Olga

  6. Denyer says:

    Can have a shot at doing coverage for WRG if you want — though my approach would be to post up links initially and go back and archive the text at some point afterwards.

    I’ve only added summaries of what you’ve sent me to mark up, because keeping track of what someone else has already posted is next-to-impossible.

    WRG is slated for April 2nd, yeah?

  7. Denyer says:

    There is one drawback to this, of course: I can’t rebuild the GM files, so any edits I make to an entry won’t show until a new post is made — can this be fixed?

  8. Denyer says:

    (Oddly, using the comment form also seems to rebuild stuff.)

  9. Christopher says:

    Sure, I’ll go give you admin command in a bit… I think Davey said April 2nd, that’s why I’m off now, it’d kill me :o P

    The rest of you – thanks :o ) I’ll no doubt post loads anyway, it just puts me in a better position not thinking that I *have* to add hundreds of reviews and things everyweek. I’m just hiding for a while…

  10. Christopher says:

    k, you’re admined (well, virtually…). carefull with the full rebuilds, I’ve messed it up once or twice with them, though last time was a couple years ago on a 56k…

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