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Hit ‘More’ for lots of gig dates, an update on the the Kings College ticket sellout, plus details of the next single. ‘White Russian Galaxy’ will be backed by b-sides ‘The Ballad of Seichi Taniguchi’, ‘Russian Roulette’ and a cover of ‘Alone Now’ (originally by Tiffany.) It’s due out April 3rd! Meanwhile, Davey turned in a couple of blog entries yesterday.

The Show Must Go On (And on… and on….)

Dearest lovers, fighters and others.

Our current sojourn around the British Isles is going so well, we’ve decided to extend it. Below is our expanded itinerary, which not only includes two lunchtime instore performances (in Glasgow and Durham), but also a date at Whitehaven which is (sort of) close to Carlisle. As you may or may not know, we had to cancel our Carlisle and Manchester shows at short notice because of serious illness. We didn’t take the decision lightly and offer a million apologies to those of you who missed out. We’re working on replacement shows as we speak and will let you know when we find out something worth reporting.

As for the long and winding road, those of you who read the tour diary (in the ‘About Us’ section on and Davey’s blog (on our MySpace page – will know we’ve already been hassled by jobsworth Traffic Wardens, implemented a Draconian fining system for tardiness and strapped on the stadium rock while gracefully avoiding bar room schlock. We fully expect the new leg of the tour to be just as eventful, particularly with our friends and Aberystwyth natives The Hot Puppies taking over as support band. We can’t wait.

In a response to the Kings College show selling out, the venue’s patrons have installed some rubber walls. There are now an extra 50 tickets available for the show. Again, we expect them to go quickly and advise anyone wanting to come down to buy their tickets ASAP.

The release of our next single is looming on our horizon. It’ll be White Russian Galaxy and will hit the racks with a seismic blast on April 3rd. Duking it out across the different formats will be some seriously heavyweight b-sides: ‘The Ballad of Seichi Taniguchi’, ‘Russian Roulette’ and our cover of ‘Alone Now’ by Tiffany.

Around that time, we’ll also be bothering newspapers and airwaves. Like

March 30th 5-8.30pm, Music Response, XFM
April 1st The Steve Harris Show, Virgin
April 3rd Janice Long, Radio 2
April 3rd 11-12.30, Gideon Coe Show, 6Music

That’s about it from us at the moment. It’s back to the business of rocking for us. Scream for us, Preston!

Lots of Love,

The Crimea

28/2/06 Avalanche, Glasgow Norm, 1pm (INSTORE PERFORMANCE)
28/2/06 ABC, Glasgow
1/3/06 Concept, Durham, 12.30pm (INSTORE PERFORMANCE)
1/3/06 University, Newcastle
2/3/06 Georgian Theatre, Stockton
5/3/06 53 Degrees, Preston
6/3/06 Civic, Whitehaven
7/3/06 Victoria Inn, Derby
9/3/06 Railway Inn, Winchester
10/3/06 The Square, Harlow
12/3/06 Sugarmill, Stoke
13/3/06 BCUG, High Wycombe
14/3/06 Kings College, London
18/3/06 Esquires, Bedford
19/3/06 The Zodiac, Oxford
20/3/06 Chinnerys, Southend.

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15 Responses to “Mailing List”

  1. Christopher says:

    wow. thanks. wow. i’ve never been here and been surprised by the news before :o D you dunno how to make java media players aswell do you? :o P

    and *yay* hot puppies :o ) but *booo* no aber gig on the 20th :o (

  2. Denyer says:

    Sadly, it took me hours just to work out how to change a few things in the jEdit source and compile it. Writing anything more complex than "hello world" in Java would probably involve weeks unless I was allowed to cut and paste… ?

    Yay for b-sides!

  3. Carla says:

    Hi, just to say that I saw the video for White Russian Galaxy on MTV2 on Monday night. Have not managed to catch it since, but it was very very good so if you’ve got MTV2 keep a look out!

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