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If anyone has a bit of time and can type, The Crimea’s page on Wikipedia could use some love and attention, particularly explaining differences between the album releases and noting tracks / formats for the CDs.
As a reminder, The Hot Puppies are on tour with the band this month, and have new swag (CDs, shirts & badges) for sale at gigs. Highly recommended — think sultry Welsh pop that handily also knows when to rock the fuck out.
Taking a look at the message board, we also have a review by Kev Smyth of The Crimea playing at Cabaret Voltaire from Gig Reviews Scotland and the street team need your help at March gigs. Click ‘More’ for details!

Help needed at next few gigs!!
Posted on 2/3/2006 at 20:49:20 by WildSam

sorry to invade your board like this but I’m trying to find some Crimea fans to help at some of their upcoming shows:

Sun 5th March – Preston
Mon 6th March – Whitehaven
Tue 7th March – Derby
Thur 9th March – Winchester
Fri 10th March – Harlow
Sun 12th March – High Wycombe

I help organise the band’s street team and I’m looking for people to collect emails and hand out flyers on each date. In return for helping I’ll shower you with Crimea related gifts and a pair of tickets.

Please email or call me if your free to go or already going and want to get in free.
0208 746 0666

The Crimea, Cabaret Voltaire, 27th Feb 2006

A fly poster in the sandwich shop across the road from my work aroused my
curiosity in The Crimea.. so I checked them out on Itunes and was gripped
enough to download the new album. I knew it was going to be a good gig
tonight because I couldn’t see how their album could sound bad in any venue.

The Crimea didn’t disappoint and lets face it after a quick glance at their
website they have been around for a few years now so you would think they
would have had plenty of practice. What I wasn’t prepared for was the
intensity of the performance from Davey McManus (vocals). Excellent big man
! I honestly thought he was gonna collapse after the 5th of 6th song he
looked knackered but trust me folks every fibre of Davey’s being went into
the performance every lyric delivered with passion, precision and a little
venom in places. His twitching dancing style reminded me almost of Ian
Curtis but there is more life in Davey’s eyes. The songs themselves are
brilliantly composed moving from thumping bass and jangly guitars to
soothing synths and tempered drum beats.
There was a well appreciated back handed compliment to Scotland’s victory
over England at the weekend at the introduction of ‘ Gazillions of Miniature
Violins’ The other stand out tracks for me were ‘White Russian Galaxy’ &
obviously ‘Lottery Winners on Acid’ and that was a hard choice.

I enjoyed The Crimea this evening their sound was magnificent which given
the obvious road weariness of their instruments is testimony to their
ability to play. I wish them every success for the coming years and hope to
see them bigger and brighter soon. They deserve it.

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