Good News, Bad News…

Top Of The PopsErm… bad news: singles release has been put back to April 10th. Good news is the reason why: they’re kinda doing a bit of promotion on the 9th. As in, that logo on the left. I’ll believe it when I see it, but at least they told someone this time :o )
And if you’re awake later tonight, they should be on Virgin Radio’s The Edge show at 1am. I’m just off to set up my recording stuff now, and will no doubt find out at about 3am they’re not gonna be on. And I will break things.
EDIT: Just as well though, the thing cut out at about 2am. Stupid puter. They may be on tonight at 1am, but frankly I’m starting to thing this Edge show is cursed.

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4 Responses to “Good News, Bad News…”

  1. Mat (DELIVO) says:

    Cuaght you guys at Whitehaven civic Hall, I love that Lottery winners on acid. Good to see some local boys showing the rest how its done. Big Fan

    Don’t let the bastards Grind you down

  2. matt says:

    woo top of the pops eh

  3. monkeyfish says:

    hmmm last time I made a point of watching a band on top of the pops was when the cooper temple clause played, and to be fair it wasnt all that good. hope this one will be better

    miming or not miming?

  4. Christopher says:

    >>miming or not miming?

    that is the question… :o )

    no idea. i’ve never seen them mime before, and even the pop groups on totp seem to be singing live nowadays. ‘twould be a tragedy if they did :o P

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