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Two sessions down, two to go. For the first two they played exactly the same set – White Russian Galaxy then I Think We’re Alone Now. The less said about the XFM one the better, but the Virgin Radio one was pretty good. I’ve got both recorded but for the sake of commercial harmony I’m hanging on to the for a while. Anyway, you should be able to hear the Virgin one for yourself on their website in a couple of days.
Tiscali.MusicWhat with all this session stuff I almost forgot about this: Live Crimea Videos! Yeeaahhh… the Tiscali showcase gig videos (from a week ago Friday) are now up online. I’ll not spoil the surprise by telling you what’s there, just go check out for yourself.
If you’ve been visiting Inaudible for a while you’ll have noticed I like sticking up random music I hear around the place every now and then. Today is no different, but these lot aren’t totally random. Weapons Of Mass Belief were supporting The Crimea at the above mentioned Tiscali gig, and they’ve also had a few live videos of the night stuck online. And good god, I’m surprised there was even a stage left for The Crimea, the amount of tearing up of it they did. I’d say go and watch all the vids, and I sure as hell will, but they’re just too good to leave at that. Here’s the full download of the Black Line Ninja video (23 megs), now do yourself a favour and go listen to Thunder if it’s the last thing you do today.

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  1. alex says:

    I think i just wet myself, those videos are hilarious. I love the painful awkwardness of the, err, "backstage video" (backstage where I don’t know!) and it’s marvellously shoddy camera-work – they should have made Joe sit down! I have famous arms now though, hurrah, although my gratuitous drunken leg-stroking is nowhere to be seen!
    It wasn’t bad quality at all considering the little cameras they had and the sound is pretty darn good, although I like that the backing vocals are much less apparent live (Lottery Winners? Oww!)
    I think I’ll give Weapons of Mass Belief a miss though ta all the same, they were by far one of the worst live bands I’ve seen – although marvellously entertaining. My Dad had great fun dancing along to them.

  2. Christopher says:

    >>I think I’ll give Weapons of Mass Belief a miss though ta all the same,
    >>they were by far one of the worst live bands I’ve seen

    :o O are you sure you don’t mean the all girl constantine band? they… err… may proffit from a vocal coach…. but w.o.m.b, *fuck*, they’d give little blue crunchy things a run for their money…

  3. alex says:

    I was too busy getting trashed and applying horrible tiscali music fake tattoos to myself when Constantine were on, thinking, at the time, it would somehow be funny – until I tried to scrape the black gunk from my arms the next day. Davey said they "had their thing going on", but that thing clearly wasn’t a good one.
    And oh not Lottery Winners, Everywhere! Thank god you cannie hear us all in the audience yelping "aaahhh-woooooo" – have you ever heard Kylie’s Confide In Me in a club? When the music finishes and everyone tries to hit that note? That’s what it’d be like, yes.

  4. Denyer says:

    Fleetwood Mac. Pleasant. Is this because someone feels the band need more happy songs? ;-)

    Constantine sound very… fifteen. Not bad concept for poprock, just no musical talent whatsofuckingever. They sound worse than we did at college, and that’s saying something. Oddly likeable, though — it’s nice that they have the confidence to get up on stage. Just a shame they’re crap.

    Who or what are little blue crunchy things?

  5. Christopher says:

    womb rock your fake tattoos off, you just mad the crimea videos weren’t as good :o P

    lbct –
    kinda rock/rap/jazz/funk/hiphop fusiony thing… hands down greatest live performances i’ve ever heard. cept their best record isn’t available online :o ( give "sindy" a listen on the in loving memory of… album… err… florence… jam session… babies… too far (from the babies album)… everything off of swarm… if you want mp3s then the boss of their ex distributer kindly sent me all their cds after years of searching for even a mention online (of which there are about 3).

  6. Denyer says:

    Well, I’d be curious to hear a couple of songs if you reckon they’re good. :-)

  7. Christopher says:

    good? technically the best band on the planet.

    # 1994 – Nine WAMI nominations (Wisconsin Area Music Industry): Best Alternative Group, Best Urban/Rap Group, Best Rock Group, Artist of the Year, Best Song, Best Percussionist, Best Bassist, Best Brass Instrumentalist, Best Male Vocalist
    # 1994 WAMI Winner-Alternative Group of the Year
    # 1994 Winner Best Funk/Rap Band, Shepherd Express Reader’s Choice Poll
    # 1995 – Nine WAMI nominations: Best CD, RHETORIC, Best Urban/Rap Group, Best Song, Best CD Artwork, Best Guitarist, Best Percussionist, Best Brass and Best Reed Instrumentalists, Best Male Vocalist
    # 1995 WAMI Winner – Best Song, BRAHMAN
    # 1995 Winner Best Soul/R & B Band, Shepherd Express Reader’s Choice Poll
    # 1995 Winner Best Local CD, RHETORIC, Shepherd Express Reader’s Choice Poll
    # 1996 Eleven WAMI norninations: Best CD, Best Urban/Rap Group, Best Alternative Group, Best Songwriter, Stage Entertainer of the Year, Best Bass Instrumentalist, Best Strings Instrumentalist, Best Percussionist, Best Reed Instrumentalist, Best Stage/Production Crew, Best Male Vocalist
    # 1996 WAMI Winner- Best Bass Instrumentalist that’s just a selection of some of their best stuff, but it’s so varied it’s hard to choose. ranges from country to rap to punk to funk.

  8. Denyer says:

    Thanks, got ‘em — I’ll have a listen later this evening, at the same time I install iTunes… :-)

  9. Denyer says:

    Finally had chance to have a listen… mmm, they’re quite ska/improv. Music’s pleasant, but I’m not too keen on the vocalist(s). "How You Gonna Do Me" sounds a bit like recent-ish Metallica.

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