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White Russian Galaxy reviewed by Ben Marwood, 7/10

“Straight outta high school and into the jungle…” spits The Crimea frontman Davey Macmanus for the opening line of ‘White Russian Galaxy’, the second single from their much delayed, actually-quite-good debut Tragedy Rocks. If you think ?high school? is too American a term for a British band, it?s probably because they honed their talents in the US, coming back polished, slick and signed to a major.

‘White Russian Galaxy’ gleams unashamedly, a sunny mid-tempo account of the problems of binge drinking in young women which culminates in a sing-along chorus. It’s a basic verse/chorus/verse/chorus affair, with an atmospheric organ break in the middle as pianos plink, classical guitar is plucked and the song flows smoothly along in a way that no song by The Crocketts ever did. Sadly, anyone still looking for the insanity permanently present in Macmanus? old band is going to (yet again) be sorely disappointed.

Sure, he himself still sounds like a graduate of the Will Oldham School for the Deranged, a Billy Corgan drained of angsty anger and filled with bitter memories, a voice cracked with desperation and years of listening to the little voice inside his head, but the band behind him these days are as effortlessly composed as this song is infectiously catchy, tense enough to rank way above Keane in the Indie Scale of Bedwetting, but relaxed enough to be welcomed by the Radio 1 playlist and probably even the cruising-with-the-top-down-listening-to-Phantom-Planet fans of the O.C. alike.

Being the friendly, welcoming track from an album high in bitterness and an example of tried and tested pop over innovation, ‘White Russian Galaxy’ may not be the crowning achievement of Tragedy Rocks, but it is the safest bet for a daytime radio hit and likely to turn thousands of Kubb-ites onto this particular brand of deranged pop. It?s not going to trouble the end of year polls though.

White Russian Galaxy reviewed by Helen Daw, Score: 8

“White Russian Galaxy” opens with a beautiful piano piece before abruptly stopping and breaking into a brilliant powerful rock song complete with explosive sing-a-long chorus. The chorus is complemented by piano led verses which although could be from a completely different song work together to good effect. Interesting lyrics too, it’s about trying to find out what someone else is thinking. The Crimea manages to merge lots of instrumental pieces into what is a nearly faultless song. Not much bad to say really.

The Crimea – White Russian Galaxy (Warner Bros)
Stephen Gilliver, five stars

AIDED by generous patronage from the likes of Zane Lowe and Jo Wiley, London-based grafters The Crimea recently scored a minor hit with their superbly-titled Lottery Winners on Acid single.

Follow-up White Russian Galaxy is superior to its fine yet uncharacteristically twee predecessor in every respect imaginable, displaying melodic brilliance, matchless craft and more passion than the last four Oasis albums combined.

Uncommonly gifted tunesmith and vocal chameleon Davey McManus on this occasion recalls Luke Haines, spitting out the key refrain ?Who knows what goes on in her pretty little head?? with more than a degree of menace.

Nonetheless, short of publicity and airplay it looks set to flop.

Still, I guess people needn?t squander their money on the band?s singles when their splendid parent album Tragedy Rocks is itself such an essential purchase.
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No Idea Who the Reviewer is on This One

It’s just all so tantalisingly close for Davey MacManus at the moment. Getting acclaim from all quarters and even some radio play, The Crimea are starting to look like they might be able to succeed where The Crocketts sadly failed, so White Russian Galaxy has been re-released to keep the momentum going. It’s not their best tune, but should hopefully still keep things rolling on.

White Russian Galaxy reviewed by By Parker Knoll, MMM ?

Davy McManus and co. continue to mine their very capable album ?Tragedy Rocks? and ?White Russian Galaxy? is the bands most entertaining and rousing foray so far. The swinging chorus is full of abandon and fluid but crisp guitars. The pianos and strings build up the folkier aspects and the end result is a tougher, indie work out, sparkling with a firm melody and an accessible REM meets Waterboys sense of conviction.

White Russian Galaxy

The opening track to their ‘Tragedy Rocks’ debut, apparently this is all about the prevalence and awful effects of alcohol on Britain’s teenage girls. Which means The Crimea probably think this is some dreadfully insightful social commentary, some sort of edge-of-your-seat folk punk (It isn’t? – Ed.). But forget the big ideas and ‘White Russian Galaxy’ boils down to a brilliantly individual indie pop tune, all crazy eyed-vocals and interesting lyrics, crackling guitars and a driving beat. It may even prove a perfect three-minute exorcism for the ghost of The Crocketts.

Rating: 3/5 by Simon T Diplock

Rock Midgets

The Crimea – ‘White Russian Galaxy’ (Warner) Released 20/03/06

Second single to their Warners debut album ?Tragedy Rocks?, ?White Russian Galaxy? is a kooky quirky and deliciously infective pop song that shares comparisons to the likes of OK GO mixed in with the latter stages of Travis. Scuzzed up synths and guitar licks that bite, are all the rage with this release yet it keeps its upbeat pop sensibility. It is a simple yet catchy melodic mish-mash that stinks of drunk and confused nights out and running from the cops. They have caught the mischievous attitudes of teens, and the pseudo innocence of streetwise indie and pumped it through your stereo. An electro guitar pop band to look out for, The Crimea are onto something good with ?White Russian Galaxy?.

Lee Glynn on 3/20/2006


The Crimea – White Russian Galaxy

After reading numerous glowing reviews of The Crimea, many of which compared them to such bands as the Flaming Lips, I was eager to hear what all the fuss was about. Any evidence of similarities to said band appears negligible, aside from the fact that the song has a certain quirkiness about it. Instead, White Russian Galaxy sounds more like Smash Mouth?s Walking On the Sun?which is never a good thing.

Chris Armistead

Student Direct

White Russian Galaxy reviewed by Stephen Ackroyd, 3.5/5

The Crimea are about as enigmatic as it gets. By rights ‘White Russian Galaxy should annoy the hell out of us. After all, it has one of the catchiest choruses we’ve heard from an ‘indie’ band in ages, but fails to turn it into a attention grabbing masterpiece.

And yet, we cant help but love it. Full of wonderfully quaint keys, it plods along like a hazy, drugged up summer afternoon, lightly sozzled and stumbling into hedges.

A sun kissed anthem in March? Optimistic, but admirable non the less.

White Russian Galaxy reviewed by I’m No Marc Bolan

I’m going to start this one off with a little story about blogging. One of the most challenging aspects of the job is finding rockin tunes to share. Ok, that part isn’t so hard, I come across a lot of stuff that rocks. The hard part is finding that track that rocks that also exists out in the public domain. Our friends over at the RIAA have been following up on the bloggers of late. I try to ensure that the songs here at I Rock Cleveland are available in the world of free downloads before I include them here. Now, every once in a while I come across something sweet and I can’t verify whether or not it should be shared. That is the case here with The Crimea. I found this rockin tune out in the internet using dogpile, but I can’t be 100% certain that I should have been able to find it. What I’m trying to say in too many words is this: the opportunity to sample this track will be limited.

All of that aside, let’s talk about the band. The Crimea are five piece band out of London that craft some fine British pop/rock. When I first heard this song, “White Russian Galaxy,” I was kinda hoping it was about White Russians, mixed drinks with vodka, kahlua, and cream. It could be, I’m just not sure. The lyrics can be a little cryptic at times. So, while the lyrics are cryptic, the music, on the other hand, is instantly likable. Singer, Davey Macmanus has a voice that can evoke comparisons to Paul Westerberg or Jeff Tweedy. The melody has a sweet sixties feel to it, yet still feels fresh, the guitars go back and forth between poppy and raucous, and it’s all held together with a steady rhythm section. Listen and enjoy.

White Russian Galaxy reviewed by Tae M

After years of basking in the praise of Steve Lamacq and John Peel, it looks like the Crimea are ready to upset the obscurists and hit the big time. Their debut ‘Lottery Winners On Acid’ just grazed the Top 30 last year, but the big noise is about the indie folky follow up, ‘White Russian Galaxy’. Trust us, you won’t know whether to knot yourself a daisy chain or stagedive into the wastepaper bin. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!


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