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Top Of The PopsWelcome Top Of The Pops viewers (wow i’ve waited a while to say that ;o), yes, these lot are *that* Crimea, though you can get to their official site at or their myspace page at But if you wanna hang around this humble fansite then feel free, a downloadable recording of the TOTP performance will follow shortly. Oh, and it’s probably best I mention that the new single, White Russian Galaxy (as seen on TOTP) will be out tomorrow April 10th on double CD and 7″ format, you can get it online at HMV if you so wish (it’s the one with the beige cover, not the older colour photo one). On the other hand, if you thought they were crap and are ‘ere to slag em off, message board here, and Streets site here. Now I’m off to watch the hit counter rack it up. ‘Evenin.
UPDATE: Video now available, click here to download it. It’s 32 megs in size and in XviD format so you may need to download/install the XviD codec (get it here). For the technically inclined among you, it’s from a dvb-t mpeg 2 stream, encoded with Transcode (on linux) at 1000 kbps vbr multipass with noise reduction and deinterlacing, audio bitrate @ 128 kbps and it’s in 624 * 352 resolution. Obviously I’ve been doing waayyy too much encoding lately.
For those who want the original MPEG-2 recording of the whole show then I’ll gladly post you a copy burnt to disc, but unfortunately it’s a wee bit bigger than I expected (1.3 gigs) so I’ll have to go buy a load of DVDs to burn tomorrow before I go back to Uni with no DVD burner. Luckily I was planning a wee trip into town tomorrow anyway. Guess why?

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  1. Denyer says:

    Any idea why Virgin’s stickers say "White Russian Army"?

    Liking the closeup version of the single cover — will have a proper listen to stuff later on. And try not to rant too much about formats in the review…

  2. Christopher says:

    >>Any idea why Virgin’s stickers say "White Russian Army"?

    yeah, noticed that this morning :o ) kinda neat…

    >>Liking the closeup version of the single cover

    :o O Denyer + ilovedust + like? never…. but yeah, rocks. got me 6 copies already :o )

  3. Olly Gaillemin says:

    Still recovering from the Manchester gig – fantastic though apologies to those almost run over by my drunk pal Julie. TOTP performance the first of many i am sure – note how Tragedy Rocks ramped up from 1000 plus on the Amazon chart to 133 in the space of 24 hours. They are advertising WRG as an EP with all tunes on it – is that a lie? I know I should buy one of each but I want Seichi on CD format. Go boys.

  4. Christopher says:

    yeah it’s a lie, hmv have the proper track listings but basically you want cd 2 for the tamagotchi one.

  5. Dave says:

    By the tamagotchi one I assume you mean The Ballad of Seichi Taniguchi? I bought both CD versions from HMV today and it’s not on either of them… (only the vinyl)

    Any idea where I might be able to get it?

  6. Denyer says:

    > I want Seichi on CD format

    Likewise. I’d say vinyl is useless for most of the band’s fans. And would have elbowed out ‘Russian Roulette’ in favour of ‘The Ballad of Seichi Taniguchi’ personally…

    It’s on iTunes. Burn to CD then rip to MP3. Again, not that helpful to younger fans, since they’ll need a CC for the iTunes store.

    Track listings:

    CD1 –
    1. White Russian Galaxy (single version)
    2. I Think We’re Alone Now

    CD2 —
    1. White Russian Galaxy (single version)
    2. Russian Roulette
    3. Opposite Ends (live at St. Louis)

    7" –
    1. White Russian Galaxy (single version, presumably)
    2. The Ballad of Seichi Taniguchi

  7. Christopher says:

    speaking of itunes, what’s the best place to get a tune to convert to mp3?
    i went with napster, 192kbps but it’ll only let you burn/rip at 128k. so itunes might be better if it lets you burn the 128k .aawhateveritis (apparently 160k mp3 quality), then rip that, though i’m thinking just internally record the napster 192k to a .wav and convert it?

  8. Denyer says:

    iTunes will burn full quality to CD, as far as I know. (And standard iTunes AAC/M4A is better on high-end frequencies than 160kbps MP3.)

    I’d tend to trust Apple a bit more than Napster, but yeah, just play what you’ve got whilst recording to, say, Cool Edit 96 and encode the WAV with –alt-preset standard.

    We can swap APS MP3s at some point if you want and run a frequency compare between iTunes and Napster…

    WRG definitely has more kick to it than the album version. :-)

  9. Denyer says:

    I’ve just played Seichi through whilst keeping an eye on Winamp, and it hits 320kbps at one point — there’s definitely information there beyond what you’d find in an 160kbps CBR MP3.

  10. Christopher says:

    >>if you want and run a frequency compare between iTunes and Napster…

    somehow i’m thinking there’s some steps you just don’t take while hovering next to the geek/chic line. frequency compares are probably one of them. but 320k? damn napster fools… which would be me… grrr…

    i’ll go record mine and send it over, feel free to do the same :o )

  11. Denyer says:

    > standard iTunes AAC/M4A is better on high-end frequencies than 160kbps MP3

    But only marginally, as we now sadly learn… the AAC hacks out almost everything above 16KHz. The 320kbps at one point in the file wasn’t representative at all.

    Still don’t trust Napster much…

  12. matt says:

    who do i e-mail to get an uncompressed copy of the totp performance on dvdr?

  13. Christopher says:

    me :o ) but if that’s you crazy matt then i prolly have your address already… but send it anyway just incase :o )

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