Aber Show

To anyone still left in Aberystwyth (and I know most of you aren’t, damn easter holidays), The Crimea will be playing an acoustic downstairs at Y Cwps in the evening of April 12th. That is, just after they’ve played an acoustic downstairs (heh) in Andy’s Records. Just remember not to wear your portable music player head phones as they’ve now also gone the way of Davey and got themselves banned from the shop (?). Do whatever the hell you like in the coops though, i’m still high from last time (damn 15 yr olds :o P ).

In other news – Buy, buy, BUUUYYY the damn single… You want a second album don’t you? Free crimea stickers and things to whoever proves they got the most. Jon and elodie you’re excluded, I know you got about 50.

Weird link of the day – some crimea playlist downloadable thingy on Yahoo. Looks like Owen or someone compiled a list of favourites, may even be better than their podcasts.

More linksCulture Deluxe single review (9.25/10 with talk about munchkins and dribbling milk :o | ), and… err… that’s it, cos the Whisperin & Hollerin site’s down… eh well. Happy Easter.

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8 Responses to “Aber Show”

  1. Alex says:

    I pooled together the money I would have spent going out and bought 12 copies today and some old singles for my Dad. It was only seeing my flatmates’ reactions I realised fuck, that’s it, I’m Actually A Mental Now. The man in HMV asked me if I was some kind of relation as he scanned them all in, wrapped up my vinyl and found me a re-enforced carrier bag. I was left with an immense feeling of well-being, like that bit in Amelie when she reunites that man with his lost youth.

    If they don’t chart I’m shooting myself in the face. xxxxx

  2. Christopher says:

    :o ) ermm… you win? oh wait, i just figured out who you are :o P i was gonna disqualify you n all but thought you’d want the stickers too much :o \
    got 4 in hmv myself, the guy was all nice putting the vinyl in seperate bags so they didnt break. que a trip home in the backpack and one of them’s already squidge round the edges :o (

    buy 12 more and i’ll shoot *my*self in the face.

  3. Alex says:

    It’s only when you’ve bought eight in HMV though that you realise you can get three formats for a fiver in Virgin. Pfft. So I bought some more. Some of my friends are going to be particularly underwhelmed with their birthday presents I fear. I was a little worried when I realised HMV have started accepting my doddery old debit card; I could have cleared the fucking shelves, thank god I didn’t eh or they’d be a QUEUE of people lining up to shoot me. xxxxx

  4. Christopher says:

    you use your nus card for the discount? the guy at my hmv looked like he handnt seen one for years, thought it was a credit card or something when he first got it :o P
    virgin didn’t have any vinyl :o ( hardly have any bloody singles now. infact they hardly have anything. and hmv. and oxfam have chucked all their music away. even bloody wildcat records has dissapeared. the hell happened in york? i was only away 6 months :o ( umm… so you don’t wanna win a copy of the single for buying all those singles then?

  5. Denyer says:

    Uh, how badly have I got the lyrics wrong?

  6. Rusty2 says:

    OK – WRG was the CD burner on Colin and Edith 2 weeks ago – but this week, the week of it’s release and after TOTP it’s not even on the Radio 1 playlist – what gives?

  7. alex says:

    I’d accidentally strayed into the classical and folk and whatnot section on my fruitless search for some magazines; students I think are a fair old rarity there. I suppose I got at least, ooh, three pounds off. Bargain.
    And I suppose being in central London it was a given that they had to have everything; although I was left a bit paranoid that I didn’t know whether the shelves should be empty or full. Lordy, too much weed. Anyway fingers crossed like.
    And what do I want more copies for? Oh perhaps I could paper one of my walls back home with them, marvellous. xxxxx

  8. Christopher says:

    >>Uh, how badly have I got the lyrics wrong?

    darn sight better than my attempt…

    >>Everyone look at the wannabe bambi that’s screaming

    if that’s not the right lyric it should be :o ) … err…. *are* breathing… the consider it bit has to be wrong – it’s the same as i had :o \… *from* monday through friday… that’s the only stuff i’d change…

    >>russian roullette…

    (ooo lots of russian stuff going on… which i heqarby name "joe’s other poem" as i swear i hear davey speaking grandaddy lyrics over it)

    looks perfect, cept the last bit’s probably *you’ll* do the honours… i’m sure joe’d let you know anything if you asked…

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