Including explanations of the White Russian Galaxy b-sides! Remember, you can sign up for the mailing list here — recommended because they generally don’t all get archived here, they contain up-to-date gig information, etc. The other good place to check for gig info is here. Or indeed anywhere other than the Gigs page here, because Chris is busy and I’m only wired into the blog portion of the site… not that I’d have a great deal more clue what was going on if I were. Anyway, as far as gig dates go — use the official list/myspace. This has been a public service announcement. Oh, and if you’re really bored, you can read my single review… it has lyrics. Some of them may even be correct.


07/04/2006 5:05 PM


Dearest friends, allies and others,

The second day of judgement is upon us. The harsh light cast by facts’n'figures is about to shine brightly on our little patch of heaven. White Russian Galaxy is about to be set free and this is our rallying call. We’ve told you about the b-sides – Russian Roulette, Seichi Taniguchi, I Think We’re Alone Now and Opposite Ends (Live At St Louis) – that support it like majestic Roman Columns. We can now also tell you that all this will be available, along with the album and early Double Dragon version, on virtual sonic marketplaces (like iTunes ‘n’ stuff). All this happens Monday, so either break out your jogging bottoms or start practising your mouse clicks now! If you’re in the UK, you can click here, if not, then click here.

Next week, like diligent politicians in an election, we’ll be going door-to-door at record shops, breaking out the equipment to run through a few numbers and hovering suspiciously around the chart return machine. Come along, sing along and gaze lovingly at the ?170 David Attenborough box set.

10th April – 17:00
HMV, Swansea
The Quadrant, Swansea

11th April – 17:00
Spillers Records
36 The Hayes, Cardiff, Mid Glamorgan, CF10 1AJ

12th April – 17:00
Andy’s Records
4 Northgate Street, Aberystwyth, Dyfed, SY23 2JS

If you’ve been paying attention to our website or MySpace page, you might have noticed us foaming at the mouth at the prospect of playing Top Of The Pops. Well, we filmed it last Sunday and it was amazing; everything we’d hoped for, in fact. It’ll be on BBC2 this Sunday at 7pm. We’ll be the band sandwiched between The Streets and Daniel ‘he’s having a bad day’ Powter. Pop-flippin’-tastic!

The M1/M42/M6 is also calling. Our re-scheduled Manchester show is this Saturday (8 April). There are a few tickets left, but we’d break out our jogging trousers a little earlier if you want to get your mitts on some.

One last thing before we shoot off: Davey’s included a run-down of the b-sides (see below). It’s entertaining, informative and a touch on the warped side. Just how we like it.

That’s all for now, speak (really) soon!
Lots Of Love
The Crimea.

Russian Roulette

Joe takes over singing duties…the song is about a femme fatale standing over the coffin of her man as they lower him down. Overjoyed and stifling laughter.

The Ballad Of Seichi Taniguchi

There is a massive culture of suicide in Japan. This song is a true story about a fat kid who loses it on the school bus and attacks his tormentors with a carving knife. As a result he becomes a sort of morbid cult hero.

Opposite Ends (Live in Saint Louis)

We recorded an intro at home in No Sun Studios. I just basically stole bits of Verdi’s Requiem, and tried to recreate chanting monks by recording lots of tracks of me chanting. Then in Florida when we played with Regina Spektor we got her to read the lyrics over the intro. We had a massive drive from Chicago and virtually went straight onstage. It was the day of the London bombings, so we were struggling to come to terms with how the world had gone off its rocker

Alone now

A cover of the Tiffany classic. When I was growing up the charts seemed to be dominated by a string of redheads, Alison Moyet, TPau, Belinda Carlisle and the pick of the bunch, denim-clad Tiffany. We recorded this in Maida Vale studios during a Radio 1 session

11/04/2006 6:05 PM


To our dearest, dear folk,

We’re in the middle of it. A torrid routine that goes something like this: wake up, destroy fingernails until we get White Russian Galaxy’s midweek chart position, be happy/miserable, count the seconds ’til the next day’s chart position.

It’s too close to call just yet, but we are threatening to make a dent in the charts. It’s just a threat at the moment, though. Every purchase counts from now on, so if you’ve got the jogging trousers and the will to brave the elements, assault the record racks. If you haven’t, there’s always the digital stores which are HERE if you live in the UK or HERE if you live in the US.

Keep it all crossed for us.

Lots of love,
the Crimea

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10 Responses to “Mailing list recap”

  1. Christopher says:

    >>there’s a stream of the whole show here

    why did i not know this? ahhhhh…. (cheers mr)

  2. Denyer says:

    Dunno, but it was most likely linked by a site whose review you put up. :-)

    NetTransport will grab the stream quite happily… it’s about 21Mb / 30mins.

  3. Christopher says:

    nettransport… rrrr… it stopped working for me and wouldn’t even start up again, i mean *nothing*, click the exe and nowt happens… anyway, I use HiDownload now, seems a bit less complicated too. I’ll grab it when i’ve got a minute spare.

    You don’t need a spare non-functioning minidisc player/recorder do you?

  4. Christopher says:

    Did I just spell "spair" wrong, twice, just then? Oh my…

  5. Christopher says:

    Ohh… I’ve put it up on eBay:
    ?3 postage, 99p start – the listing says more but it just ain’t recognizing discs when they’re put in. Think it’s a laser thing, and all i’ve read about that is "don’t bother – spensive – sony repair center – ???s". Anyway, getting an mp3 player/recorder now.

    Someone *cough*alex*cough* might be interested in the (now unusable) minidiscs i’m putting up on sunday though. A couple still have souncheck / gig recordings of the crimea on them. Not that they’re much different from the mp3s I’ll gladly send, but neat nontheless.

  6. Christopher says:

    (if it don’t sell i’ll send it over to you ;o) )

  7. Christopher says:

    noooo, i didn’t :o D and yet i still look a fool :o \

  8. Denyer says:

    Spare as in "take apart and try to persuade to work"? Sure, if it’s not more than a few quid in postage…

  9. Denyer says:

    Assume you’ve tried the usual cotton bud / white alcohol rinse? Once that stops working, it’s usually time to give up, on laser issues.

    I got a decent enough generic 512Mb player including delivery for under ?20 — MP3 players with decent recording, on the other hand, I haven’t seen or investigated much.

  10. Christopher says:

    nah, if you mean clean it, then i doubt that’s the problem. it was in my pocket playing away nicely, i went into woolworths to buy easter eggs (86p!!! :o D ), pressed stop while i did, got bored deciding which egg to buy so i put my hand in my pocket to press play again. it fizzled, it popped, it rattled, it rocked, then finally it just stopped. something like that. didnt know what it was at first so i just shook it a bit. then got home and noticed the "no disc" messages.

    yeah, i saw some lavod 512 rechargable ones at for about ?20 a while ago but they dissapeared fast. ended up doing some intensive readup of players/types/models + reviews on tuesday and eventually just got the one that would let me play sonic. heh. actually it was the only one i could find other than a samsung 512 for ?50 that actually recorded stuff, let alone having some say it actually did it "well". but ?90 for a 20 gig mp3/wma player come linux compatible hard drive come modable master system emulator come divx/xvid video player come sound recorder come photo viewer ain’t too bad i recon. now if only someone would port rockbox to it :o )

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