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Monday, January 30, 2006
As The Crimea grow gradually in stature (they had their first Top 40 hit a couple of weeks ago) and their album TRAGEDY ROCKS comes out today, so does hope that The Vanden Plas remix of Baby Boom might one day get a proper release. It’s the only remix they’ve ever had done, and for now it sits in the deep freezer. Raise the subject in their forum here

If you’ve not heard it, you can download the remix on the downloads page of this site, or just hit this. And when you do, be kind enough to mail me and tell me what id3v2 compatible music genre The Vaden Plas are. Damn mp3 players… been tagging for the past 4 days… 1000s of mp3s… stupid no pop-punk, glam-rock, garage, anti-folk… mmm…

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  1. Ally says:

    Tragedy and it didn’t rock. Damn the record buying public and their lack of taste. Damn them and their tasteless ears, of doom.

  2. Sheina says:

    WRG is one of the best songs featured on the album. The song should have been on the top 20 charts.

    Unfortunately after the broadcast of Ttop on Sunday 9th, it was not played regularly on the radio to attract new fans.

    The song has been round and existing fans already have the singles and the album. After a lot of hard work and costs, it would have been worthwhile spending some dosh on promos.

    The next singles to be released should be fresh ones. The next One which has an upbeat sound such as ‘chin chin’ and more media coverage. This one should do the trick.

    Band members have a hard life. They need good planning and organising.

    cheers – good luck

    play after

  3. Denyer says:

    Could be misinterpreted somewhat, but I’d second Lucifer’s suggestion of Girl Just Died. It has a similar immediacy to Lottery Winners.

    Promotion’s a gamble, but the charts have been bought for as long as I recall.

    Is there actually a top 40 played any more? I looked around and the radio version seems to only play 20, and only select tracks from the top ranking.

  4. Rusty2 says:

    WRG should have made top 20 – it’s gutting that Orson, Boy Kill Boy, Flaming Lips etc all made it – and Davey et al didn’t. Maybe it is just because the album has been around and those that already have the album didn’t buy. I think it is largely because the track didn’t make the major play-lists – and I don’t know how they work or why that is. I think Girl Just Died – it’s a great hook and a fantastic lyric – might stand a chance, but again it’s not really new…… perhaps Seichi Tanaguchi?

  5. Christopher says:

    Denyer – what the hell genre are the hot puppies? We’re talking winamp id3v2 compatible genres here, so no obscure stuff like glam rock, pop-punk or garage :o

  6. Denyer says:


    Personally I use Rock, Punk, Metal, Soundtrack and Easy Listening to group stuff, when I can be bothered to group stuff, and stick "cover" in as a note where appropriate.

  7. Christopher says:

    147 genres and only 5 are any use :o \
    i put new wave. wikipedia makes it sound interesting :o )

  8. Denyer says:

    Not really much point in subgenres and precise classification — they’re just a general tool for picking a style when making random playlists.

    It’d be more useful if you could reliably assign multiple genres to each file.

  9. Christopher says:

    asked on winamp – they copy and pasted this: "Several references can be made in the same frame, e.g. "(51)(39)"" with the numbers being the genre id’s. apparently (RX) = remix, (CR) = cover. which you prolly know. but it confused me too much :o (

  10. Denyer says:

    You can type genres in as free text in ID3v2. eg, "Humour, Alternative". It’s just that players won’t necessarily support it. Winamp doesn’t do anything helpful with multiple numerically-assigned genres, for instance.

    What are you using for tagging? I recall this having lots of useful features…

  11. Christopher says:

    >>What are you using for tagging?

    my own two hands + amazon for dates + itunes/lastfm for genres + 5 days of tagging hell :o \ I know better than to use automatic stuff for stuff without any previous info to guide it. But I am just about to use this to add album covers to them all.

  12. Christopher says:

    so much for automation, thing won’t even connect to the internet :o (

  13. denzil6 says:

    The remix is bloody awful – a deep dark vault is the best place for it.

  14. Rusty2 says:

    Have to agree – that remix is truly truly terrible – and should never have The Crimea associated with it in any way!

  15. Denyer says:

    "hope that The Vanden Plas remix of Baby Boom might one day get a proper release"

    Nothing special about it, really.

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