The Big Swap

The Big Swap

From Owen: Dearest good natured, kind-hearted folk.

War ChildSo we’ve taken on a huge challenge. War Child gave us a de-commissioned landmine; we told them we’d give them a million pounds for it. And why not – we’re generous folk. Obviously, without Dark Side Of The Moon in our discography, we couldn’t just stump up the cash and hand it over, so we decided to swap it for something. And then swap that something for something else. And then swap that for… you get the idea.

Instead of breaking out a ‘War and Peace’-style mail-out, have a look at the website. It’s here: We’ve currently got a signed copy of Tragedy Rocks to swap (first edition, red cover – the one that’s rarer than a miracle cure for Wayne Rooney’s busted foot and fetches extortionate prices on ebay).

Make us an offer. Go on, you know you want to…

Signed Tragedy RocksBasically then, a de-commissioned landmine is the starting point, enough money to fund War Child’s two-year programme in Iraq is the end. The Big Swap is aiming to convert evil to good, a potential killer to a potential lifeline. In the process, we hope it’ll be fun, you’ll get something you quite fancy and, ultimately, the children affected by war in Iraq get something they need. Simple as.

As well as taking part in the trades etc., if you can help by linking to the website or mentioning it either on-line or in a blog, we’d be eternally grateful. It’s a massive undertaking and we’re going to need a hand. We promise to fashion some sort of ‘Hall Of Fame’ for everyone who helps us out.

So that’s it for the moment. For those of you who haven’t checked or our summer dates are listed below. Good things are afoot… [click 'more' for those]

May 18 – Freebutt, Brighton (The Great Escape)
May 18 – Pressure Point, Brghton (The Great Escape)
May 25 – The Black Lion, Aberdare
May 26 – The Studio Bar, Merthyr Tydfll
May 27 – The Rugby Club, Briton Ferry
May 28 – Sound Station Festival, Birmingham
Jun 8 – Myfestival @ The University Cardiff
Jun 17 – The Sumo Festival, Leicester
Jun 24 – Rumble in the Store, Liskeard (Cornwall)
Jul 4 – Cafe Drummond, Aberdeen
Jul 5 – The Raigmore Hotel, Inverness
Jul 6 – Fusion, Kirkwall (Orkney Islands)
Jul 7 – The Loft, Forres
Jul 8 – T in the Park, Kinross
Jul 9 – Oxegen Festival, Punchestown (Ireland)
Jul 15 – The Wakestock Festival, Abersoch (North Wales)
Aug 5 – City Hall Lawn Festival, Cardiff
Aug 17 – The Music Library, Lancaster
Aug 18 – A Beautiful Days , Devon
Aug 19 – The V Festival, Stafford
Aug 20 – The V Festival, Chelmsford

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