One one one.

New songs! It’s like, rare in crimea land eh? Loop-a-loops a bit dodgy like, but hopefully the other two are better, lord knows they’ve got a few decent new ones around, finally you get to here some :o ). ‘Course, you could just go to a gig already (it’s the 14th already?!?) Otherwise, hit America’s favourite website for the loop-a-tunes.

And some guy said he might posibly send me live recordings thanks to some other guy who asked him and some guy who told me about the guy asking the guy sending… I’ve gotta figure out who all you new guys are… Rest asured, if I get anything, I’ll make available what I can.

Other new things: intereviews. (That’s like, interview *and* reviews. I’m sad.) This one has what looks suspiciously like Davey artwork though. I say that cos it’s a bit crap. Davey style. Oh, warning for Denyer though, don’t read it. Girl Just Died dissage. Not pretty.

Oh bloody hell. Just listening to “Who’s Laughing Now”. They’ve stopped quoting the cro..err.. mmm… And they’re quoting everyone else now. Julz: monkey see monkey do. GAF: Who’s the daddy now? That one was to cheer you up after the GJD insults, mr denyer.

Um, yeah, anyway… reviews… Newcastle Uni one from Flotation Suite. Oh, look, my favourite guitarist…

And some guy on the board, Iain (i hope that’s celtic otherwise I’m pissed again), points you and the rest of me towards a official forum and photo blog have more activity for once.

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