Next single – Baby Boom – 21th August

I’m sure Chris’ll add more about this shortly, but the next single has just been confirmed as Baby Boom. Davey had some things to say about the history of the track, which you can read by heading over to the blog or clicking ‘more’.

Christopher: Yeah, didn’t see that one coming at all. If you see any Baby Boom mp3s or videos around the place, remind me to take em down quick sharp eh?

In other news, I have no idea. But I bet my life on it being CD1′s b-side.

“I remember writing Baby Boom. I remember all the different stages, how long I spent in my house first in Forst gate terrorist hotspot then Plaistow. Land of the damned. It took so long for the pieces to all come together, finally after three months of jigsawing it was finished . It was the best thing I had ever done, and the closest to Dusty I might ever get. The following year after signing to Warners we recorded it again in New York. The recording went days over budget and eat into our advance, as we grew fat on Burgers at the Half King diner. Pancakes at the Empire on 10 th avenue. Late at night in the Spotted Pig, banks of Ribs. Each day the snow grew deeper, and the people of New York found cooler ways of dressing for the Cold. Seeing New York was kinda limited to walking back and forth from the studio to our Chelsea digs each night, Because everytime I stepped out for a smoke about three mounted police came clopping along like Gangs of New York. I began to get paranoid, made worse by a deep mistrust of animals. The studio was in the Gallery district. Around these people I felt like a Cromangan. We recorded baby boom in Stratosphere from dusk til dawn for a week .I sent the mix off to everyone as soon as we finished it, and was astonished by the resounding thumbs up, the birth of Baby Boom the second time round was uncomplicated. Just popped out. Firing from all cylinders. Now at last it enters the public domain. Baby boom is being released in the U.K on 21th August.”

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