Oh. My. Fecking. Gawd.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately (really, I have a proper excuse and everything this time). Just spent two weeks sans interweb connection, seems my father couldn’t put 2 and 2 together when lightning hit the telegraph pole outside and electrical equipment connected to the telephone line stopped working. He also put off telling me this until I’d figured out and fixed the problem myself a month later. God help the poor tech support guys working the ISPs of the country.

So yeah, what the hell’s going on on the internet lately? Someone mention a Baby Boom release? Oh wait… I did… I’m not that far behind then… 21st of August I believe. And no, I know shit all other than the mailout I managed to take a 5 second peak at on my dad’s work puter. Also said something about a big swap and a holiday to a far off land. Fucking need it. I’ll swap a father, middle age, homer simpson like qualities, fucks up rather than missis out, Owen?

Shit, gotta check email now. Can you say spam 300 times?

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