Radio 1 Cd Burner

Colin And EdithBaby Boom is this weeks CD Burner (“single of the week” to the rest of us) for Radio 1′s Colin & Edith show, meaning they play the thing every day for the whole week. Colin seems to be the biggest fan, he played a demo of Opposite Ends in 2002 before even John Peel played em. I shat myself when it came on the radio while I was lying in bed. Anyway, you can currently vote for the track as Brillian or Rubbish on their website. I vote rubbish, rejection seems to make Davey write better songs ;o) Currently 80% of you have no sense of duty.
There’s something else I’m meant to mention… errmm…. errr… hmm… ah whatever. Don’t pigeons make funny noises when they fly? Ahh yess… I was gonna brag about how I fixed my computer so I can upload more Crimea vids to YouTube now. Not like you’d wanna know anything about that…

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