The Bigger… And Littler Swap

The Big Swap
Reading Festival
Panama City Beach

The Big Swap just got bigger. Apparently a guitar that’s been scribbled on by a bunch ‘o nutters is worth ?shit.lots. So much in fact, that War Child / The Crimea managed to swap it for a two week holiday in Panama City Beach, Florida. There’s more information on the official site, but here’s a quick roundup of what’s included with the trip:

4 day trips to Shell Island (ed: it’s pretty)
2 Dolphin Trips (ed: yaaayyyyy)
1 six hour deep sea fishing trip (ed: nooooooo)
Free food, family pass to Zoo World, golfy putt putt stuff, and a whole world of other fun.
(Check out this and this image for a neat arieal view of many attractions in the area.)

So that’s a bit out of your league, yes? Well never mind, as The Big Swap’s Little Swap has just started, and is looking for people to bid for a pair of tickets to the Reading Festival in two weeks. Not just your normal bidding though, you have to bid the lowest unique amount possible. Basically, 1p. Except, obviously everyone’s gonna pick 1p. So bid something no one else will. Like 13p. If every amount lower has more than one person bid it, you have the lowest unique bid, you pay them the 13p and get your tix. Details on where to text your bid to are on the official Little Swap site, though I should point out that each text will cost you ?5.

Like I say, check the sites for more info – The Big Swap, and The Big Swap’s Little Swap.

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