Free Your Crimea Tunes

Microsoft just started sending out Cease & Desist’s to anyone hosting this thing, so I couldn’t resist…

Fair Use For Windows Media version 1.3

Download and run that (run the key import thing it asks at the start) then you just need to drag any WMA DRM infected Crimea songs you own into the window, hit next and it’ll create nice new ones in the named directory that will actually work on your mp3 players (or you can convert them to mp3 with most audio software if not). Obviously this doesn’t work for ITunes’ M4P files. They still suck.

I just tried it on every single Crimea WMA I have and it worked a treat. Unfortunately I’ve lost the free Out Of Africa wma that was around a couple years ago. So if anyone has it, can I get a copy now? I have a good analogue mp3 recording, but it just ain’t the same as the original :o ( Fuck me, someone actually had a copy. Thanks Nathan :o )

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