More Witching Hour Details

The Crimea have updated their MySpace page with extra details on their new album Secrets Of The Witching Hour. They would also like to remind you that they’re playing a gig at The Metro in London tomorrow. Yes, Valentines Day. Owen and Joe have even offered free snogs to the shortest and tallest people to turn up. Possibly not the most well-thought out of ideas; this webmaster assumes they’ll end the night making out with each other.
If you can’t make it, not all’s lost. There’s a new Crimea track up for download on the same site, so you can at least close your eyes and pretend you’re there. Or frankly anywhere but your own front room reading your own bloody website for entertainment. And it didn’t even snow :o (
For something a little more visual, check out Google Video. I’m slowly re-uploading everything YouTube destroyed, just do a search for my user name – pepsi_max2k – and it should bring up most Crimea related clips.

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