Requiem Aeternam

It’s been far too long since I last posted some of these, so excuse me if I just shove it right in your face. Before you ask, yes, that is the correct spelling ;o) But if you get a little confused with the rest, that’ll be cos these are from a slightly older demo version, not least because I consider the final line one of the finest Davey’s ever sung. And it ain’t like it’s in the bugger album version, is it? Humph….

Owen = ETWhen your eylids flicker, and liquor is your oldest friend.
When you dream of silence, silence on which life depends.
When the full moon wont leave you alone, watches you stagger all the way home,
stares in through your bedroom window. Love, love, love.

Love, it comes in strange disguises.
All through the night
I was seventeen again.
Love, ’til requiem aeternam.

When you form opinions just by walking in.
Well trashcan sinatra might as well be painted black.
When the full moon’s there all afternoon, watches you when your lips turn blue.
All smiles when they try to revive you. Love, love, love.

Love, it keeps the goldfish swimming.
Saw basic instinct
when i was seventeen years old.
Love. Still got the scars to show.

I need you like a siamese twin, I feel you like a broken wing.
Like floating down from outer space, like falling on to helicopter blades.

Happiness is possible
just keep rolling the snowball up the hill.
Love. Keep buying those pesky scratch cards.
Your time will come, as long as you ain’t gone.

Love, ’til requiem aeternam
Love, ’til requiem aeternam

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