New Crimea News Page

I’ve just set up an account at to test out their software and see if it’s suitable for replacing the current blogging software on this site (basically what makes the news posts you’re reading now). I’ve added a few entries to see what it’s like, and so far so good. There’s a number of restrictions on the wordpress hosted version that I just can’t live with (no editable CSS / layout styles, and it’s doing something weird to my pics) so it’s deffinately not there to stay. What I probably will be doing in the future is installing the software on this site so I can change get the layout and look inline with the rest of the site, then hopefully transferring all the old posts to it so you don’t lose the past four years (bloody hell…) of Crimea news.

For now though, take a look at the new Crimea blog and see if there’s anything that you like, don’t like, stuff that works, stuff that don’t, and let me know about it (comment’s are back!). The latest entries on the blog are linked to on the right of this current news page (thanks to whoever invented RSS and the guys over at but it’ll be mostly off-topic type posts there and proper Crimea news here unless I get real lazy. All being well I expect to replace the software on this site sometime over the next few months. And thanks to Denyer for making me see sense :o )

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