New Blog Goes Live

Likey? Dare I say it, that dark green border does look a bit weird with the curved corners of the header one down…, and the sidebar deffinately feels all kinda wrong on the right hand side (what are we, american?) but it shouldn’t be too hard to fix.

If you didn’t check out the test blog earlier, you can find all the posts from there further down this page. Obviously the past 5 1/2 years worth of posts are also there. Don’t think I’m done yet, though, there’s still plenty of improvements to add. And keep your eye on those sidebar feeds for more photos / vids. But go ahead and click em already.

If you find anything out of place / messed up, feel free to email me at the usual address ( Or just leave a comment, cos they’re finally back!

PS. Guest authors you should be able to login too. If you don’t see the login link on the right, go to And I say this knowing full well you’ve all bloody forgotten your login details / that you were ever allowed to add posts in the first place.

How’s that sidebar look? I’m just gonna leave it like that for the night. It’s 2am ffs. Maybe I’ll add something later… or just lose it altogether.

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50 Responses to “New Blog Goes Live”

  1. Denyer says:

    Nah, I remember. Just haven’t had any info to post.

    Particularly like the category sorting. :)

  2. Denyer says:

    You gonna do the discography / lyrics fill-in whilst you’re on a roll?

  3. Christopher says:

    >> Particularly like the category sorting. :)

    Thanks. I just found a plugin to bulk edit post categories so i’m doing that now. Individually editing 700+ posts just didn’t do it for me ;)

    That said, I’m not loving how it’s gradually taking over the sidebar. I think a move on to purely the archive page is in order.

    I’m also kinda torn between categories and tagging, and where to place categories, and how many categories to have… Should I put Other Bands under The Crimea, as they’re mostly all related somehow, or add other band posts to both The Crimea / Other Bands? Then they show up under both, but not under just The Crimea. Do I do have seperate sections for radio / tv and print media? Or just a single media one? Or a seperate Live Appearances one which incluse radio / tv / outings? Or are they just gigs? Hmmm far too confusing…

  4. Christopher says:

    >> You gonna do the discography / lyrics fill-in whilst you’re on a roll?

    The wha? You mean add them to the sidebar? I dunno.. I’m thinking about 2 sidebars, in which case I might. Otherwise there’s not too much space left…

    Hey, can you edit your own posts? Actually… are you logged in while you’re posting those? In which case.. well, can you edit your own posts? ;) I should log out of this some time and see what the peasants are allowed to do :)

  5. Christopher says:

    Oh gawd. “Review” category. Now, do I have seperate Gigs and Releases categories, and add single / gig reviews to both? Or just add gig / release reviews to Review? Or just to Gigs / Releases? Do I need a Review one at all?

    Orr… do I add one Review as a sub category for Gigs, and one as a sub for Releases? Do I need 2 Review categories?

    Argghhh. Stupid options. Just take them away. Take them alll away. And I bet it took the HTML option away from me there. :( Ohh it didn’t. I should prolly change that…

    Ok, Reviews as subcategory of Gigs gets added to Gigs regardless of whether it’s selected or not. So you can browse by Gigs & Reviews, Gig Reviews, Releases & Reviews, Release Reviews.

    Soo… Gigs, Releases, Reviews = Browse by Gigs (& Reviews w/ Gigs selected), Releases (& Reviews w/ Releases selected), and Reviews (of both gigs, releases, and anything else).

    Still don’t get Gigs w/out any reviews, or just gig or release reviews… but what do you think of it at the moment?

  6. Denyer says:

    There isn’t really much difference between categories and tagging, as long as a post can have multiple categories assigned to it.

    I’m not logged in for this, because my login details aren’t the same as for the Greymatter system (which, since it’s still there, I’ve just verified I can still log into.)

    Two side columns seems sensible, but I was mainly just asking if you were going to add the singles after Lottery Winners into the discography and lyrics sections.

    If HMTL is on for comments, it should probably be off, even if the system in theory strips dangerous tags. Writing text parsing code like that is difficult, and often there are exploitable holes in it.

    Categories seem fine as it. Would expect some overlap of mags/papers and reviews, but since there are also feature articles, it fits.

  7. Christopher says:

    There’s a big thread about tags on and how you shouldn’t be using them for structure, so categories are deffinately staying. Most things are now getting added to Gigs & Reviews, Releases & Reviews, Mags & Reviews or a mixture of the lot. I the ones I’ve got now just about cover everything. Putting radio1 website articles under radio/tv still annoys me though :(

    >> my login details aren’t the same as for the Greymatter system

    Really? they should be :| I’ll go reset the password :)

    Writing pages from scratch in HTML is getting annoying too, which is why further pages haven’t been added. I’ve got the lyrics somewhere, just need the will to type :p

  8. Denyer says:

    Apart from the PHP and MySQL binding things together, most of mine’s raw code as well… I think this is the bit where I’m supposed to make accusations of whippersnappery. :p

    Logged in now, will see if it lets me edit.

  9. Christopher says:

    It might let you edit, but it didn’t let you post without me moderating you :(

  10. Christopher says:

    On the subject of PHP, would there be an easy way to get the top nav bar on this site in to all the other pages without using frames? WordPress is using stuff < ? php get_footer(); ?> to do that for most of the content, would it be simple enough to add something like that for all the other pages, even if it means renaming them to .php?

  11. Denyer says:

    You may find that you can get PHP in files with an .htm* extension parsed, by adding the following to an .htaccess at root:

    AddType application/x-httpd-php .php .php3 .phtml .html .htm

    May not work if your webhost is set up to run PHP in CGI mode — if that’s the case, ask them, and it should just be a case of using a different command.

    Then you can do things like:

    I can’t edit the previous comment, far as I can see.

  12. Denyer says:

    Bah. Bloody text parsing, why can’t they just do htmlentities()…

  13. Denyer says:

    And it still hasn’t worked with underscore in there… will this?

  14. Christopher says:

    hehehe… adding < code > tags around things might work…

  15. Denyer says:


    include “/thisisaheader.php”;

  16. Denyer says:

    Test code tags…

  17. Christopher says:

    Well it should work in regular posts anyway :)

  18. Denyer says:

    Ah. I can view comments through the admin page, but where I’d guess there’d be an edit link there isn’t. “Mass edit” mode doesn’t do anything useful, either.

  19. Christopher says:

    Yeah, I don’t think I let you edit stuff :) I’ll go move you up a level and see what you can do..

    try now…

  20. Denyer says:

    Seems to work. It’s an all-or-nothing priv, then? Can only edit self-comments in an admin capacity?

  21. Christopher says:

    Not really sure. There’s author (mainly just post & edit own posts), editor (edit all posts / comments) and admin (everything). There’s also some underlying user levels from 1 – 10 but i’m not sure what each is allowed, and i need a plugin to change those anyway.

  22. Denyer says:

    From that, I’d assume edit_posts covers editing of own comments, but only editors and administrators have comments pre-approved if moderation of comments is on.

    If you’re going to have comment moderation on, it’d probably be a good idea to edit the template to indicate that (or see if there’s an option built-in to notify), otherwise you’ll find lots of people will keep trying to submit repeatedly.

    Bit worrying that the people editing that wiki seem unsure as to what various privs that can be allocated actually mean; are they trying to get users to write their documentation for them?

  23. Christopher says:

    what can you do, eh?

    As far as I know, it’s not on. At least, I didn’t turn anything on. There’s a spam plugin, Askimat, but that’s turned off. Oh wait… “Hold a comment in the queue if it contain X or more links.” Maybe I should change that to 3 ;)

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