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Colin Murray continued his Crimea support last night, playing The 48A Waiting Steps during the Black Hole section of his show. I think it’s safe to say that tuning in every Tuesday around 10.45pm will get you a new Crimea track. Anyway, the good stuff: Colin said he loved em so much he got them to play at his engagement party. More news on the suposed “free” album, he said it’ll be made available via MySpace. And he mentioned the song is about a bus Davey gets in Dublin. The bad stuff? By the time the albums out you’ll have heard the whole thing already :P The inquisitive can click here and skip to 45 minutes in, the not quite so can read more for the evening’s tracklisting.

Owen HopkinHere’s a review, albeit a very short one from Rock Beast who were at the Beautiful Days festival last year. At least they have a nice pic of our very own rockbeast-in-my-pocket, Owen Hopkin. They’ve also posted a few more pics of the band up here on pages 4 and 5.

Big Swap news – Contact Music posted an article on the Crimea’s charity job, probably sometime last century, like I care. If it feels like deja vu reading it, welcome to my life.

The Big SwapWar Child and acclaimed British rock band The Crimea have teamed up for The Big Swap.

What is The Big Swap?
It’s simple.
We have something we want to swap; you have something you’d like to swap it for. You make us an offer, we trade with whoever leaves us with the best deal. Then, the process starts again – offers/trade/offers/trade – until we’re left with something that someone will pay one million pounds.

Why are we doing this?
On behalf of War Child, The Big Swap aims to raise one million pounds to cover costs of two years’ work in Iraq with children affected by the continued conflict.

How does it work?
We start with something of no real use or value – who really needs a decommissioned landmine, right? It’s significance, however, particularly in Iraq where it’s been a menace to children for years, is huge. Start with something evil: end with a lot of good.

If you take part in a trade, not only are you getting something cool for yourself, you’re helping the children of Iraq get something they REALLY need. Simple as.

If you’ve got something you want to swap for our decommissioned landmine then visit and hit the link that says ‘Make Us An Offer’ on the home page, tell us what you’ve got and (vaguely) where you’re from. Your offer will then be displayed next to all the others and, once we feel we’ve got something really worth trading for, we’ll do the deal.

What can be traded?
Literally anything. This is a venture based on a lot of trust, goodwill and a happy ending. All efforts to help us get there quickly and smoothly are greatly appreciated.

Official Site –

Article from Contact Music.

Beautiful Days 2006

Fri 18 Aug 2006

Friday – Main Stage

The Crimea

* Davey Macmanus – Vocals/Guitar
* Andy Norton – Guitar
* Joe Udwin – Bass/Vocals
* Andrew Stafford – Keyboards/Vocals
* Owen Hopkin – Drums

Owen HopkinFor most this is their first time seeing The Crimea and probably the first time they had even heard them but not for long. With their debut album just released The Crimea are being tipped to become one of the bands of 2006. As the sun shone down on The Crimea and the crowd Beautiful Days 2006 is officially now in full swing.

Review from Rock Beast.

Tuesday 6th March

Rage Against the Machine – ‘Know Your Enemy’ (Epic)
Kings of Leon – ‘On Call’ (Sony BMG)
Patrick Wolf – ‘The Magic Position’ (Loog)
The Chemical Brothers – ‘Electronic Battle Weapon 8′ (White)
Arcade Fire – ‘The Well and the Lighthouse’ (Mercury)
Willy Mason – ‘Save Myself’ (Colin Murray session)
Pull Tiger Tail – ‘Let’s Lightning’ (B-Unique)

Black Hole
Ben Folds Five – ‘Songs of Love’
Beavis and Butthead – ‘Bon Jovi’
The Motorettes – ‘Kids in America’
The Crimea – ‘The 48A Waiting Steps’ (
DJ Jaguar Skills and Lord Basis Supreme – ‘1979-2006: A Hip Hop Odyssey Part 4’ (
Otis Lee Crenshaw – ‘Drunk’
The La’s – ‘There She Goes’ (live)
Radiohead v Missy Elliott – ‘For My Idiots’ (
Foo Fighters – ‘I Feel Free’
Red Hot Chili Peppers – ‘Castles Made of Sand’
The Skints – ‘She’s In A Boat’ (
Belle and Sebastian – ‘Baby Jane’
Beavis and Butthead – ‘Cornolia’

Arctic Monkeys – ‘Brianstorm’ (Domino)
I Was A Cub Scout – ‘I Hate Nightclubs’ (Abeano)
Good Shoes – ‘Never Meant to Hurt You’ (Brille)
The Shins – ‘Australia’ (Subpop)

Free Association
Leftfield – ‘Afrika Shox’ (Sony)
Dandy Warhols – ‘We Used to Be Friends’ (Capitol)
Justice v Simian – ‘We Are Your Friends’ (Ten)

Tracklisting from the Colin Murray Radio 1 show.

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