Damn Girl Gone…

Loop A Loop was Colin’s track of the week yesterday. Apparantly it’s his favourite song on the album. He also mentioned his clearly all-time favourite Crimea track Opposite Ends, saying that lyrics from it featured in the new album. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of what they are, so clue me in people. Anyway, listen again or hit more for the tracklisting.

Camden. Don’t you just love the place? I had a pet Camden once. I shot it. Erm… Camden New Journal have a preview of the last Proud Gallery gig. Don’t worry, there’s one more onthe 24th April so you too can get down there and nab your very own Camden. What you do after that is your own business.

Today’s album preview comes from The Irish Times. It’s only short but hit more to read it.

The Review – MUSIC – grooves with CHARLOTTE CHAMBERS

Another Camden act worth remembering are the Crimea, who follow up their residency At Proud with a further two dates on April 10 and 11. The month-long do has been branded Resident Evil after the well-known See, Hear, Speak no evil moniker, with an added evil thrown in for the fourth date.
Get down there to hear samples from their new album, Secrets of the Witching Hour.

Preview by Charlotte Chambers for Camden New Journal, 29/03/07.

Coming Soon To A Music Player Near You

The Crimea “Secrets of the Witching Hour” (released May 13)

Dubliner Davey McManus (bro’ to BBC Radio One disco jockette Annie McManus) and The Crimea hit gold with their fantastic “Lottery Winners On Acid” tune a few years ago, but their new album is even better. Loaded with wry Springsteens (“Raining Planets” is a definite nod to the church of Bruce) and brilliant tunes based around south Dublin buses (“The 48a Waiting Steps”), this album is going to surprise a lot of people. Start with “Requiem Aeternum” and get ready to be wowed.

UPDATE The album will be available free from the band’s website from May 13 and will be released on CD on June 1.

Review by Jim Carroll for The Irish Times, 02/04/07.

Tuesday 17th April

Mercury Rev -’Tonight’ (V2)
The Hold Steady – ‘Stuck Between Stations’ (Longtime Listener)
Modest Mouse – ‘Dashboard’ (Columbia)
Riff Raff – ’80s Babies’ (myspace/therealriffraff)
Billy Talent – ‘Fallen Leaves’ (Atlantic)
Two Gallants – ‘Seems Like Home To Me’ (Saddle Creek)
The Cribs – ‘Men’s Needs’ (Wichita)

Black Hole
Toyko Police Club – ‘Cheer It On’
DJ Jaguar Skills and Lord Basis – ’1979- 2000: A Hip Hop Odyssey Part 9′
Taking back Sunday – ‘Cute Without The E’
Toast Song – (
Stereophonics ‘Heart Of Gold’
Afrikka Bambatta – ‘Processed Beats’
The Verve – ‘Drugs Don’t Work’ Demo
The Fratellis ‘Ooh La Hot Love’
The Man Song – (
The Crimea – ‘Loop A Loop’ (

Artic Monkeys – ‘D Is For Dangerous’ (Domino)
Bjork – ‘Earth Intruders’ (One Little Indian)
Cold War Kids – ‘Hospital Beds’ (V2)

Free Association
Beck – ‘Devil’s haircut’ (Geffen)
Pavement – ‘Cut (Domino)’
Run DMC ft Aerosmith- ‘Walk This Way’ (Profile)

Tracklisting from the Colin Murray show, 17/4/07.

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5 Responses to “Damn Girl Gone…”

  1. Denyer says:

    It’d be really good if they put up something else alongside Requiem Aeternum on Myspace… very pleasant track, but the album’s a lot more varied…

  2. monkeyfish says:

    ‘yes i was a fool, and yes you were a fool, but who can name a penny that has not been in the pocket of a fool’

    little spoken word bit at the beginning of one of the songs. its not davey though, its a womans voice (regina spektor?)

  3. Denyer says:

    Yup, I’m pretty certain it’s her. Sounds like the recording that was also used on the live Opposite Ends b-side.

  4. Christopher says:

    damn everyone knew it cept me. though i always thought that bit was a kinda well known phrase or whatever. like i’d know. no one talks to me. cept strangers. well… i start off thinking they’re strangers. ahem… yeah that’s regina. regina regina regina they’re obsessed with her. is it regina on that car advert too?

  5. Tina says:

    seems that the irish times guy is also playing a lot of The Crimea on his Phantom FM radio show in dublin

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