Street Team Top-up

Crimea Street TeamIt’s that time of year again. The Crimea play a UK tour and spend more time advertising themselves behind a merch stall than on stage. But now you have a chance to put things right. Stop the humiliation! Owen’s barely visible behind that stack o CDs anyways… Join the Crimea Street Team! You’ll very likely get free entry to gigs in return for handing out flyers and other odd jobs. If you’re interested, e-mail or check out the forum post for more info.

A rare thing happened yesterday. A stranger appeared, baring gifts of knowledge, knowledge of a strange sound known as Phantom. Phantom FM that is, the Dublin radio station where DJ Jim Carroll has been playing Crimea tunes for over three weeks now. Tune in on Saturday between 10pm and 12pm for more. Take that, Colin, your Crimea secret is out. Serves you right for not letting Barry win.

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One Response to “Street Team Top-up”

  1. Paul Duffy says:

    Got to chuckle at the Owen comment….it’s so painfully true. I like the idea that we start off with a ‘stack o CDs’ you can’t see Joe behind and end up with Owen clearly in view…

    We could run a comp for who sells the most merch, or who signs up most folks (*light bulb appears above Duffy’s head*)

    Cheers for the heads up!


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