Feeling a bit Web 2.0? If you like the album enough you can vote for various articles on the thing at Digg and various other Web 2.0 sites. Cept I can’t figure out how the hell to add the vote buttons to this post, so you’ll just have to do with links.

DiggDigg currently has two posts both with four votes. Post one, The Crimea releases “Secrets of the Witching Hour” album free for download, wins cos it has a comment unlike post two, Will all music soon be free?, which links to the Strange Glue article mentioned below.

The Gadgezooks section of currently has it as top story, though with one vote it obviously wasn’t hard.

And for something a little more personal, you can rate the album and add it to your favourites at Rate Your Music.

Denyer adds: my quick shot at a Facebook Event for the album release. Invite people!

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