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Slacking? Me? As if, I still ain’t left my chair. Annnd Davey’s just lovingly sent me about 300 more links. Oh well, they can wait; I’ve been busy updating this site as well as finding out what else is new on other Crimea sites. Here be the low-down:

Secrets Of The Witching HourSomeone was looking for this earlier, and as the release caught us all on the hop I hadn’t got one ready, but it’s now finished and here, in all it’s glory, is the wholey unofficial Secrets Of The Witching Hour lyrics page. If you can fill in any of the (albeit very few) gaps, please comment below.

Another returnee to this site is the gig listings page, though it’s missing the kinda excruciating detail my obsessed self would have added in times gone by. But it’ll do you for the next couple of months anyhow.

More updates come in the form of downloads; I’ve added both of Crimea manager Steve Taverner’s radio interviews to the downloads page. And I do appologise for the lack of any other working links there, lord knows how long they’ve been like that but I promise they’ll be fixed very soon.

Not my site but the official one this time.’s photoblog was updated sometime last year with summer tour photos. Fun with glasses and bananas abound.

Also trying to trick me in to complacency is the Davey’s MySpace blog which, although not looking like it on the main page, has been updated numerous times in the last few months. I’d try and be funny about it but the Davey’s tales of near self-halm and depression are about as fun a read as Kurt Kobain’s diary. Speaking of which, I’m gonna be dead myself if I don’t get something to eat soon…

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  1. Denyer says:

    “Annnd Davey’s just lovingly sent me about 300 more links.”

    Forward a bunch if you want me to go through and compile them into entries. :)

    Cheers for the lyrics as a starting point — I’m going through and checking ‘em, and have almost got a review done. Actually, there’s been lots of mention of the album online, but not too many reviews appearing to pop up so far.

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