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Stuff.tvTom Wiggins of, home of Stuff magazine, has made Secrets Of The Witching Hour his download of the week, seeing the story make it on to the front page of the site. Thanks Tom. And If you haven’t already, download the thing or check out the album lyrics.

The story also makes it’s way on to the front page of thanks to a number of user votes.

London blog give it their top spot, and it’s a great article too, as is another one at Rock Sellout.

It’s front page news too at Click Music, who include some gig dates along with the regular album story. Also posting similar articles are ShoutMouth, CMU Beats Bar and long time Crimea supporters This Is Fake DIY.

Smaller articles appear on Owen’s ex-employer Fly Magazine’s site (check out the latest mag release btw, it’s free too!), monster music site Contact Music, and technology blog PC Advisor.

And Danish news site GAFFAk gets in a story for the Danish speaking Crimea fans.

Download of the Week: The Crimea – Secrets of the Witching Hour

Secrets CoverUnless you’re willing to risk infecting your hard drive with viruses (and possibly copping a hefty fine) on illegal P2P sites, free music on the internet is harder to come by than a happy Chelsea fan on the way home from Anfield.

But quirky indie pop band, The Crimea, are breaking new ground by giving away their self-financed second album, Secrets of the Witching Hour, completely free on their website.

Despite selling 35,000 copies of their debut, Tregedy Rocks, the band were dropped from their label, Warner Music. So they’ve decided to cut their losses by removing the money-draining middleman (a record label) and focussing instead on expanding their fanbase.

The band hopes to harness the publicity power of the web that saw the Arctic Monkeys and Lilly Allen become sensations in 2006, and bring cash in through increased gig attendances and merchandising.

The record, which features Regina Spektor and was produced by The Cure’s Dave Allen, is only available at 128kbps, but it’s completely DRM-free. Go on, what have you got to lose?

Article by Tom Wiggins for, 02/05/07.

The Crimea Breaks Mold With Download Offering
British alternative rock act the Crimea has taken a radical approach to building a following. The group — currently out of contract after splitting last summer with Warner Music — has made its new, self-financed album, “Secrets of the Witching Hour,” available to download for free from its official Web site.

Article by Charbarred from, 02/05/07.

Free For All…

The Crimea dish out their latest offering to the public as a freebie prior to its more traditional release, a quality try before you buy example, I think so…

You know what they say about something for nothing, usually its not much cop. After all there is no shortage of musicians knocking about on myspace for starters who will happily inflict their wares on your ears and tender sensibilities for the price of your time and a furtive download. The latest band to join in this rapidly established trend are The Crimea, offering their latest release Secrets Of The Witching Hour as a free digital download prior to its hard copy release on June 4th.

Before you all recline in you seats and start rolling your eyes at the prospect of another bit of clutter for your music library, do me a favour and hold your horses.


It’s a slab of decently produced modern rock that idles on the lighter side of affairs, making me think of a cross between The Decemberists with their string laden shanty acoustica, add to that a vocal that sounds a little like Billy Corgan in a better than usual mood and maybe sling in a little touch of My Chemical Romance for true postmodern appeal and you might just have an idea of where things are starting to settle.

Musically the songs are well crafted solid affairs, a pleasing mesh of guitars, strings and pianos, interspersed with little snippets of ‘found sound’ making these songs very urbane affairs offset with a slight air of grandiosity (check out Weird for a good example of this). Other highlights include The 48A Waiting Steps with an almost loosed limbed funk approach overlaid with its melancholy choral effect drenched vocal and almost Parisian flavour to its playful backdrop.

Recorded in East London, Norfolk and Latvia, ‘Secrets of The Witching Hour’ is an album as broad in geographic scope as it is sweeping melodies. Produced and mixed by the band themselves and ably assisted by Richard Jackson (The Automatic), Dave Allen (The Cure) and Greg Haver (Manic Street Preachers), the album is comprised of eleven intensely lush and lovingly crafted songs. Regina Spektor and Amy May (Paris Motel) lend their considerable prowess and musical beauty to the record, while Snow Patrol’s Gary Lightbody, in The Mail On Sunday, has already tipped the band – and the album – as ones to watch in 2007. Fittingly, Radio 1’s Colin Murray aired the album’s first preview, the romantically poetic ‘Requiem Aeternum’, on Valentine’s Day.

As a freebie, you really can’t go wrong with this offering. Even if its not you traditional flavour of offering there should be something of interest to even the most casual listeners. Nip along to the site and find the link now.

Article by Adrian Carter taken from, 02/05/07.

Crimea fights back with album give-away

In a sea of music piracy, declining record sales and a live music boom, indie band, Crimea, is fighting back. Dropped by Warner Music last year after its debut album sold 35,000 copies, the band has decided to offer their next release for free and begin focusing on touring to rake in revenues.

Crimea fans will be able to download in its entirety, the band’s next record, Secrets of the Witching Hour, with no charge.

The Crimea

Crimea manager, Steve Taverner, said a large percentage of bands is struggling to make money from CD sales, however, fans are flocking in droves to live music venues. He also noted that merchandising is becoming more and more lucrative, going hand-in- hand with the recent concert craze.

“I’ve been in the business for 25 years and I’ve never seen a live scene like it,” Taverner said.

Secrets of the Witching Hour will be available Sunday, May 13. Drummer, Owen Hopkin, feels a strong online presence will widen the band’s fan base.

“We want to harness the power of the Internet,” Hopkin said. “If it’s on there for free, we’ll reach more people than the orthodox route of selling the record.”

Traditionally, many acts give away single tracks in exchange for a secure way to purchase upcoming projects. The move marks Crimea as the first established band to offer an entire album for free.

Industry insiders are comparing the increase in live music popularity to the surge of festivals in the 1960s and 1970s, when bands like the Grateful Dead gained millions of fans based on non-stop touring schedules and merchandise sales.

Crimea began in the UK on the V2 label as The Crocketts. After being dropped, members, Owen Hopkin and Davey MacManus formed Crimea. The band released its debut, Tragedy Rocks on the Warner Music label in 2005 and was later let go following the 2006 single release, “Lottery Winners On Acid.”

Article by Jim Hagerty for Rock Sellout, 01/05/07.

The CrimeaThe Crimea Give Away New Album For Free

More on: The Crimea

The Crimea have decided to make their second album available for free.

‘Secrets Of The Witching Hour’ can be downloaded for free now, from The eleven tracks also come with artwork.

The band are letting fans download the release – which features Regina Spektor and production from The Cure‘s Dave Allen – free of charge as their plan is to increase their audience, and then make more money through touring and merchandise revenue.

For those that want a physical format, the CD will be in the stores on 4th June through their own label Free, Two, One Records.

The Crimea will be touring this month, with the following dates:

21 Bristol Thekla
25 Stoke Sugarmill
26 S.Wales Narbeth Queens Hall
29 Surrey Boiler Room
30 Reading Fez
31 Wrexham Central Station

1 Nottingham Social
2 Birmingham Carling Bar Academy
3 Liverpool Carling Academy
5 Leeds Rios
6 Leicester Charlotte
7 Wolverhampton Civic
8 Sheffield Leadmill
9 Manchester Joshua Brookes
11 Northampton Soundhaus
13 Brighton The Barfly
14 Norwich Arts Centre
15 Southampton Joiners
16 Aldershot West End Centre
18 York Fibbers
19 Glasgow King Tuts
20 Edinburgh Cabaret Voltaire

For ticket availability, check here.

The Crimea Official Site

Article taken from Click Music, 02/05/07.

The Crimea: a band that ‘gets it’

Despite all the fuss about “illegal downloading” and the impact it has one profitability, English band The Crimea will be releasing their second album for free, starting May 13th. They will release a disc, but hope fans choose the free download.

The band, understanding revenue doesn’t usually come from album sales — at least not these days — and comes more from merchandise and tours, are planning to up their profile and earn a living that way. Basically, they’ll be using the album as a means to an end, rather than the more RIAA-friendly end in and of it self.

The album will be called Secrets of the Witching Hour.

The NME is reporting the band has the following dates booked:

Bristol Thekla (May 21)
Stoke Sugarmill (25)
S.Wales Narbeth Queens Hall (26)
Surrey Boiler Room (29)
Reading Fez (30)
Wrexham Central Station (31)
Nottingham Social (June 1)
Birmingham Carling Bar Academy (2)
Liverpool Carling Academy (3)
Leeds Rios (5)
Leicester Charlotte (6)
Wolverhampton Civic (7)
Sheffield Leadmill (8)
Manchester Joshua Brookes (9)
Northampton Soundhaus (11)
Brighton The Barfly (13)
Norwich Arts Centre (14)
Southampton Joiners (15)
Aldershot West End Centre (16)
York Fibbers (18)
Glasgow King Tuts (19)
Edinburgh Cabaret Voltaire (20)

Can’t hlp but wish good luck to this band — because they’re adapting to the digital age, rather than fighting it at every turn.

Article by Pixie for ShoutMouth, 30/04/07.

Beats Daily Bulletin

The Crimea have said that they are planning to release their second album ‘Secrets Of The Witching Hour’ as a free download on 13 May. The band hope that the move will increase their profile, even if it won’t make them money, and that they’ll make up the difference by increased touring and merchandise revenue. Frankly, their profile should be higher than it is, given the quality tunes they produce. See for info. CD addicts needn’t despair yet, however, a not-free physical release will follow on 4 Jun.

Here are the band’s upcoming tour dates:

21 May: Bristol Thekla
25 May: Stoke Sugarmill
26 May: South Wales Narbeth Queens Hall
29 May: Surrey Boiler Room
30 May: Reading Fez
31 May: Wrexham Central Station
1 Jun: Nottingham Social
2 Jun: Birmingham Carling Bar Academy
3 Jun: Liverpool Carling Academy
5 Jun: Leeds Rios
6 Jun: Leicester Charlotte
7 Jun: Wolverhampton Civic
8 Jun: Sheffield Leadmill
9 Jun: Manchester Joshua Brookes
11 Jun: Northampton Soundhaus
13 Jun: Brighton The Barfly
14 Jun: Norwich Arts Centre
15 Jun: Southampton Joiners
16 Jun: Aldershot West End Centre
18 Jun: York Fibbers
19 Jun: Glasgow King Tuts
20 Jun: Edinburgh Cabaret Voltaire

Article from CMU Beats Bar, 01/05/07.

The Crimea Give Album AwayThe Crimea

Artist: The Crimea

The Crimea are to give away their forthcoming album for free.

‘Secrets Of The Witching Hour’ will be available as a download now, with a CD release scheduled for 4th June.

They are playing a string of tour dates to coincide with both the free and paid-for releases.

21 Bristol Thekla
25 Stoke Sugarmill
26 South Wales Narbeth Queens Hall
29 Surrey Boiler Room
30 Reading Fez
31 Wrexham Central Station

1 Nottingham Social
2 Birmingham Bar Academy
3 Liverpool Academy
5 Leeds Rio’s
6 Leicester Charlotte
7 Wolverhampton Civic
8 Sheffield Leadmill
9 Manchester Joshua Brookes
11 Northampton Soundhaus
13 Brighton Barfly
14 Norwich Arts Centre
15 Southampton Joiners
16 Aldershot West End Centre
18 York Fibbers
19 Glasgow King Tuts
20 Edinburgh Cabaret Voltaire

Tickets for the tour are on sale now, available here.

The Crimea Official Site
The Crimea Myspace

Article taken from This Is Fake DIY, 02/05/07.


London fivepiece The Crimea are making history, by giving away their second album ‘Secrets Of The Witching Hour’ for free.

The follow-up to the bands’ 2005 debut ‘Tragedy Rocks’, which despite selling 35,000 copies was not enough to keep them their record deal at Warners, is available free to download at the band’s website.

Physical copies of the record go onsale on 13th May.

Article from The Fly, 01/05/07.


THE CRIMEABritish indie outfit THE CRIMEA will make history this month (May07) by becoming the first ever band to give away a new album over the internet for free. The group are letting anyone download their album Secrets Of The Witching Hour even though they’ve spent thousands of pounds recording it.

Also see:

Article from Contact Music, 01/05/07.

The Crimea Make Musical History

London band The Crimea have made musical history by releasing their second album ‘Secrets of the Witching Hour‘ for free, via internet download, yesterday. As of 8pm last night, the album is available from The Crimea’s website,, despite the original release date of May 13th 2007. The album guest stars New York songstress Regina Spektor and is produced by Dave Allen, who has previously worked with The Cure. The Crimea will be releasing a CD version of the album on June 1st, but hope that the revenue lost in sales through the internet downloads will be recouped through touring and merchandise sales. Hope that works out for you, guys…

Article from, 01/05/07.

The Crimea offers free album online
UK band sidesteps Apple iTunes with free music

British band, The Crimea, is trying out a new way to increase its fan base by offering its new album for free online.

Although unsigned bands have given tracks away for free online before, an established act has never made new songs freely available online.

The free offer for The Crimea’s second album, ‘Secrets Of The Witching Hour’, was announced on the band’s website. The online release was originally planned for 13 May but has been pushed forward and is available now. According to the site’s counter, it has received nearly 5000 downloads so far.

The band’s manager has reassured that the decision to make the album free online does not mean they are burning bridges with the industry. The band hopes that it will lead to a larger fan base and in turn enable The Crimea to improve the terms of record contracts.

Article by Zoe Mutter for PC Advisor, 02/05/07.

The Crimea forærer album væk

Det engelske indie-band The Crimea lægger deres kommende album ud på nettet til gratis download

I Danmark er The Crimea et temmelig upåagtet navn, men det kan ske, at der bliver rådet bod på det inden længe, for den London-baserede gruppe bryder med pladebranchens vanetænkning, når de nu lægger deres andet studiealbum ud på internettet til gratis download.

Umiddelbart virker det som kommercielt selvmord, men der er mening med galskaben, for idéen med strategien er at opbygge en fanbase, som med tiden også bliver potentielle købere af gruppens fremtidige produkter.

Dertil kalkulerer gruppen med, at udgifterne i forbindelse med det nyindspillede album kompenseres af indtægterne fra de koncerter, bandet spiller i kølvandet på udgivelsen.

Gruppens manager, Stephen Taverner, siger om strategien: “Det er for at nå et større publikum. De (The Crimea) håber, at eftersom det er gratis, vil det åbne bandet til et bredere publikum og generere flere penge fra live-indkomsterne”.

Men den alternative markedsføring må ikke omfattes som, at gruppen brænder broerne til pladeindustrien, bedyrer Taverner, men snarere, at målet er at forøge gruppens fanskare online og hermed stille gruppen bedre i kontrakt-forhandlinger med de store, internationale pladeselskaber.

Ja, det lugter lidt af Arctic Monkeys, kan man indskyde, for det populære Sheffield-band er på mange måder forgangsbandet udi alternativ markedsføring på internettet.

Arctic Monkeys gjorde det nemlig muligt at downloade gruppens sange gratis og dermed skabe en masse opmærksomhed omkring gruppen. En strategi, som i den grad har givet pote.

Du kan downloade The Crimeas album “Secrets Of The Witching Hour” på gruppens hjemmeside nu – helt gratis.

Article by Kasper Kirkegaard for GAFFAk, 01/05/07.

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