Another Day, Not Another Day

Top media site Digital Spy reference the Sun article while mentioning the free album giveaway.

Also referencing the “worst excuse for a newspaper I’ve ever encountered” is the Changing Way blog who add in a little White Russian Galaxy video from Top Of The Pops.

Instead of a video, The Plugg includes two album song clips in their article. Music database Artist Direct have a short mention of the album situation, and the Stranded In Stereo blog obviously includes some keen Crimea fans.

BanditStarting the non-English language articles is everyone’s favorite Welsh music show Bandit who have the story on their front page. If anyone happens to have a recording of the show with any Crimea related stories in it, send it this way.

Another Spanish blog, this time Sin Miedo include the official White Russian Galaxy single vid. Dutch blog OOR and err.. no idea where it’s from but.. Müzik Parti also include short mentions of the freebie.

The Crimea to give away new record

The Crimea are to become the first established band to give away their album on the internet, they have announced.

The London-based indie group has self funded the recording of Secrets Of The Witching Hour and are going to make it available for free download.

They have spent thousands of pounds on it, according to The Sun, but believe by letting people have it they will make the money back in the future through gig tickets, merchandise and licensing deals.

Article by Dave West for Digital Spy, 02/05/07.

Free: The Crimea, Via the UK

I first became aware of The Crimea via an article in the Guardian.

An acclaimed indie band will next month leap into the unknown by becoming the first established act to give away an entire album for nothing… By giving away the album in its entirety on May 13, the band hope to widen their fanbase and ultimately make more money from touring, merchandising and licensing deals than they would from sales of the album.

That article was published yesterday. Since then the following things have happened.

* The album in question, Secrets of the Witching Hour, has been made available for download from the band’s website, a couple of weeks earlier than planned.
* The Sun, the worst excuse for a newspaper I’ve ever encountered, has published an article on the Free Crimea phenomenon.
* I’ve listened to some of the band’s music, and liked it.
* I’ve found this clip of the band’s first appearance on the very British and now defunct TV show Top of the Pops.

The fact that I looked for, listened to, liked, and linked to things Crimean is an indication, albeit a very small one, that their Free Crimea campaign is working.

Article by Andrew for Changing Way, 01/05/07.

Go Download The Crimea!

We interrupt our regular programming to bring you some good news.

The Crimea

UK band, The Crimea has just made their sophomore album “Secret of the Witching Hour” available on their site for a free download. Having split with their label Warner Music last summer, the band decided to finance their own release and make it available on the Internet in order to gain some exposure.

We at The Plugg love it when artists wise up and stick it to the man. Having just listened to it a couple of times, I can assure you it has everything their last album offered and more. The Crimea is one of the better UK bands at the moment and should be on any rock lover’s playlist.

So go download the album. Send it to your friends and help The Crimea spread the word. Maybe this will help in proving that a good music career is not just about marketing, numbers and shifting units.

[Download “Secret of the Witching Hour”]
The Crimea – Official Site
The Crimea on MySpace

Article from The Plugg, 02/05/07.

The Crimea Give Away Their Next RecordThe Crimea Give Away Their Next Record

Free rock and roll—no catch

Without a current label to release their music, London-based rockers the Crimea have decided to release their new self-financed album Secrets of the Witching Hour for free on their official website. Then, on June 4th, the band will offer a CD version for sale via mail order.

“It`s a one-off for us,” the band’s manager Stephen Taverner told Billboard. “They knew they couldn`t compete in the traditional way, so why not give it away, and try to gain more exposure that way? Its not a two-fingers up to the music industry at all—far from it.”

Warner Bros. Records released the Crimea’s debut Tragedy Rocks, but later dropped the band when the record sold only 35,000 copies worldwide. “We all recognize the fact that we needed a record company involved on a global level,” Taverner continued. “If we can get the fanbase up significantly, maybe someone would be interested in doing a partnership with the band.”

Article from Artist Direct, 02/05/07.

New Release Tuesday

In a more non-traditional album release, the UK outfit The Crimea have decided to give their second album, Secrets Of The Witching Hour, away as a free download on their website. At my old job, I would spend my days listening to satellie radio and that’s how I got introduced to this band. Warner Bros. had signed them in the states and released an EP ahead of the album, Tragedy Rocks, but I don’t even think it saw the light of day over here. Now the band has an idea to market themselves by letting you have their album at no charge (you can buy it on CD via their website June 4.) The band figures this will introduce them to new listeners, and will make money via touring, and maybe it’s working: as of this post, I was downloader 5,327 since midnight. At least “Bombay Sapphire Coma” is finally getting a proper release.

Download: Secrets Of The Witching Hour [Here]

Article by Rusty for Stranded In Stereo, 01/05/07.

Lawrlwythwch albym The Crimea am ddim!

Mae The Crimea wedi penderfynu rhyddhau eu halbym newydd, ‘Secrets Of The Witching Hour’ fel mp3 i’w lawrlwytho am ddim o’u gwefan, www/ Mae’r band newydd ddychwelyd o drip i Beijing lle wnaethon nhw chwarae yng ngwyl Midi, a bellach ar daith ar draws y Deyrnas Unedig trwy mis Mai a Mehefin, gan gynnwys sioe yn Neuadd Narberth yn ne Cymru ar ddydd Sadwrn y 26ain o Fai.

Article from Bandit, 03/05/07.

The Crimea: la innovación en la Red

No hay ninguna duda que Internet esta cambiando la forma de distribución de la música pop. No se donde se dirige el camino, aunque creo que todos lo presentimos, una prueba real de este cambio lo podemos ver estos días en muchas noticias de la red, una banda de música británica decide regalar su disco por Internet.

Pero no una canción, The Crimea, que así se llama el grupo, es posible que sea el primer grupo de pop consolidado en ofrecer todo un álbum gratis.

El quinteto, actualmente de gira por China por invitación del Gobierno, anunció la oferta para su álbum “Secrets Of The Witching Hour” en su página web ( Se podrá descargar a través de la web a partir del 13 de mayo.

Article by Luis for Sin Miedo, 02/05/07.


Een Brits indiebandje, The Crimea genaamd, denkt de oplossing te hebben gevonden tegen dalende albumverkoop door illegale downloads. De nieuwe plaat van de band, Secrets Of The Witching Hour, zal in zijn volledigheid gratis te downloaden zijn.

De Britten hebben het album zelf gefinancierd. Ze hopen met deze actie een breder publiek te bereiken, om vervolgens geld te verdienen aan de verkoop van concertkaartjes en merchandise. Platenlabel Warner dropte de band omdat de verkoop van hun debuutplaat tegenviel.

The Crimea-drummer Owen Hopkin: ‘We streven er altijd naar zoveel mogelijk mensen te bereiken met onze muziek, en willen nu gebruik maken van de macht van het internet.’ Of de methode gaat aanslaan is nog maar de vraag: de teller op de site van de band staat op dit moment op 4.489 downloads. Benieuwd? Ga naar


British indie band, The Crimea, think of finding the solution against decreasing album sale by illegal downloads. Their new album, Secrets or The Witching Hour, in its completeness is free for download.

They have financed the album themselves. They hope with this action to reach a broader public, and make money from the sale of concerts and merchandise. Record label Warner dropped the band because sale of their debut album disappointed.

The Crimea-drummer Owen Hopkin: `We strive to reach as many people as possible with our music, and now want to use the power of the Internet.’ If the method is still but the question will start: the counter on the web site stands at the moment on 4,489 downloads. Aroused curiosity? Go to

Article from OOR, 01/05/07.

Yeni The Crimea Albümü

Londra ç?k??l? rock toplulu?u The Crimea, haziran ay?nda ç?kacak Secrets Of The Witching Hour‘ adl? albümünün bedava indirilmesine izin veriyor. Albümde Regina Spektor de o masum sesiyle yer al?yor ve prodüktörlü?ünü The Cure dan bildi?imiz Dave Allen üstleniyor. Grubun yapmak istedi?i albüm sat??lar?ndan yüksek gelir sa?lamak yerine, popüleritelerinin artmas?n? sa?lamak.

Yeni albümü adresinden indirebilirsiniz.

Article from Müzik Parti, 01/05/07.

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