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As if you haven’t had enough already, here’s another lot, starting with MSN Music’s Crimea story and Digital Music News’s take on the giveaway.

Putting a different slat on thingg, thank god, are the Londonist who barely mention the giveaway. *Gasp*. Instead, they note the significance of the Crimea’s free gig and BBQ on Primrose Hill, May 12th. You gotta read to find out what it is though.

Another tech blog,, give the album a small mention but The Muso blog trump it with two downloadable singles from the album added to their article.

And where would you be without the regular foreign language write-up. This one’s from Finland, curtosey Discopress.

The Crimea give away new album for free

Londoners The Crimea are giving away their second album for free.

The band are side-stepping convention to let fans download the release, which features Regina Spektor and production from The Cure’s Dave Allen, free of charge.

Secrets Of The Witching Hour is available now at, along with the artwork, although a physical copy will be on sale in shops from June 4.

Fronted by Davey MacManus, the band received some success with their critically acclaimed debut album Tragedy Rocks, which featured singles Lottery Winners On Acid and White Russian Galaxy.

Dropped by their label Warner Bros in 2006, the band’s plan is to forgo the usual sales revenue in the hope of increasing the band’s popularity, and then make more money through touring and merchandise revenue.

So with that in mind, The Crimea will be kicking off a UK tour on May 21 at Bristol Thekla, playing 22 dates before winding up at Edinburgh Cabaret Voltaire on June 21. For venue details and tickets, visit

Article from MSN Music’s, 01/05/07.

British Indie Pushes New Approach, Spins Album Giveaway

The Crimea, a UK-based indie band, is now positioning its latest album free of charge. The release, Secrets of the Witching Hour, is the first project from the band following their release from a Warner Bros. Records contract. The group is aiming to stir publicity and generate subsequent revenues from areas like touring and merchandising, an approach that deemphasizes the importance of recorded music sales. That plan would have been unacceptable under a major recording contract, though the suddenly-freelance group now has free reign to experiment. The album was first positioned on Monday on the band’s website, though downloads remain under 8,000 at the time of publication. That could be the result of a smaller promotional budget, though earlier numbers were also modest. The Crimea’s previous album, Tragedy Rocks, was released on Warner in 2004 and generated sales of 35,000, considered low by major label standards.

Article by Alexandra Osorio for Digital Music News’s, 01/05/07.

The Crimea Versus The Eurovision Song Contest


It’s no secret that Londonist loves Eurovision, but we also love up-and-coming indie starlets – and we particularly like to support ones that come from just up the road in Camden, like The Crimea.

So, is it any wonder that we’re torn between two options for Saturday 12th May? It’s either going to be dress up like Agnetha and get merrily drunk watching Baltic states give each other twelve points, or we could pop along to Primrose Hill and join in with the Crimea’s barbecue, to celebrate the launch of their second album, Secrets of the Witching Hour.

The barbecue kicks off at 10pm, and the band’ll be performing an acoustic set of their new stuff on the hill at midnight. Hang on – maybe we can make it to both after all!

Hear songs from The Crimea’s new album on their myspace page.

Article by Michael Reeve for the Londonist, 07/04/07.

Mac security tips, home office, free album

UK Indie band Crimea will post its next album for free download. Secrets of the Witching Hour, The Crimea’s follow-up to 2005′s Tragedy Rocks, will be online from 13 May. The band has financed the recording and hopes to recoup their costs by widening its fanbase and selling more concert tickets and merchandise.
Crimea no longer has a record label, so there’s no advance to pay back and they will get a greater share from tickets and other sales revenues. Steve Taverner, the band’s manager, said that these are greater then ever in the vibrant UK live scene.
The band’s site is here, so if you’re a fan, mark it in your iCal … (actually, I’ve already downloaded it – the 12 mp3s add up to a 34.9 download. When you’ve expanded it, just drop them on your iTunes icon – they work fine already.)

Article from, 01/05/07.

News, Mail and Excellence

The pick this week comprises an eclectic mix of mailbag contributions and the best of the blogosphere buzz.

First off it appears that British group The Crimea, in an attempt to garner support from the crowds across the Atlantic (after being dropped by Warner), have released their third full length album for free on their website. That’s right sports fans their whole album for download for free right here. Just to sweeten the deal the zip file is about 30M and is one of the fastest download sites I have experienced in a while.

Article by The Don for The Muso, 03/05/07.

Listabändin albumi ilmaiseksi netistä

Hyvässä nosteessa oleva brittiläinen indiebändi Crimea tekee historiaa jakamalla tulevaa kakkosalbumiaan ilmaiseksi Internetissä. Secrets of the Witching Hour -levyn kaikki toistakymmentä biisiä ovat 13. toukokuuta alkaen vapaasti imuroitavissa.

Hullun hommaa, vai? Ei suinkaan. Biisejä ilmaiseksi jakamalla Crimea toivoo saavansa lisää konserttiyleisöä ja sitä kautta rutkasti enemmän pääsylipputuloja.

Crimean ekaa albumia myytiin Britanniassa muutama vuosi sitten noin 35000 kappaletta, jonka lisäksi singleirrotus Lottery winners on acid rock raivasi tiensä UK Top 40 -listalle.

Article from Discopress, 30/04/07.

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