Seeking Spektor

Regina Spektor - We Love HerThere I was, checking out Regina Spektor’s website forum to see if anyone’s mentioned The Crimea yet, when I come across a few people slightly confused over exactly what connection she has with the band. Well, far from some kinda English-Russian love orgy, she happened to meet up with the band waayyy back in 2005 (see photos) and recorded a small poem of Davey’s which features on an old gig recording (available here as Opposite Ends (Live at St. Louis) ). Originally the band planned to include the recording on the new album, but this never happened due to legal reasons (a DMCA takedown would be enough no doubt, damn yanks). Feel free to discuss legal issues surrounding the inclusion of an individual’s voice on a non-commercial album release in the comments. But you never know, one day maybe some clever, mpaa/riaa hater will edit the stuff back in. Now I just gotta get this site’s hosting moved outta the States…

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11 Responses to “Seeking Spektor”

  1. Denyer says:

    It is interesting what you can find online if you look…

    (You should all check out Regina Spektor’s albums if you haven’t already, BTW.)

  2. Denyer says:

    Sounds fine without the intros, though, except perhaps for All Conquering feeling a little clipped.

  3. Mikey says:

    How about the CD, that will surely have the intros…right?

    Oh and who is Regina Spektor, is she the one who did the vocal intro on Opposite Ends (the version on one the CDS last year)? If not who is that??

  4. Mikey says:

    Yeah she is, I just read that link thing. Sorry guys.

  5. Denyer says:

    The non-commercial bit is irrelevant. All that matters legally is whether she signed a release for the recording before it was added to a single — my guess is probably not.

  6. Christopher says:

    so it’s owen’s faut then. go figure :P

  7. Denyer says:

    Nah, by “release” I mean Warner don’t own the poem recording unless she specifically ceded it to them after it was made — they could try to make it stick that since she’s on Sire/WEA they’d own it as a work-for-hire, but Regina’s contract is between her and them, not them and anyone else she interacts with.

    Corporate goons are probably trying to start shit on the claimed basis that the samples are from their Opposite Ends release, rather than the master recording the album and OE were both in part derived works of.

    They could, theoretically, try to get her to sue — though Ms Spektor doesn’t seem the sort to be pushed around.

  8. Kong says:

    She’s on warners anyway… although obviously now we aren’t, ah.

  9. Nick says:

    So exactly what has been cut out, the Opposite Ends poem?

    The version of Witching Hour I have has Regina talking at the start of All Conquering (‘You sit there and think who am I…’), Light Brigade (‘We take no prisoners…’) and Weird (‘If this is it…’). Maybe some other bits I can’t remember.

    Is this the unedited version I have then? Or is this the ‘cut’ version?

  10. Denyer says:

    It’s the unedited one.

    “She’s on warners anyway… although obviously now we aren’t, ah.”

    Mmm. Point being that whilst she may be contracted to not record stuff for other people/labels, that contract’s between her and her label. Someone could record her, say, singing whilst making bread or whatever, and Warner as an entity don’t have a claim. She would if someone released it, which is a pretext a label could make a claim over (getting her to authorise their legal department to pursue.)

  11. Denyer says:

    (I’m assuming the poem was taken from an older original recording, rather than directly from the mixed and released Opposite Ends b-side. And of course, it has to be provable. Far less hassle and potential risk to just remove the intros.)

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