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Times OnlineThe third major UK publication to mention The Crimea’s album giveaway is The Times. Not sure if the online version featured in todays paper or not, but if it did I don’t have a copy so I’m still left begging for scans of that and any other print based Crimea articles. Speaking of which, this article from the Sidney Morning Herald did appear in the actual paper a few days ago.

The Leeds edition of Glasswerk promotes the band’s gig in Leeds on June 5th along with news of the album. No doubt I’ll be there making a cock of myself once again.

Back to the regular album storys; The Music of Zhisou features a good original write up from some topless bloke. “It’s in The Guardian, now I’m blogging about it, I’m sure there are many other people doing the same.” Yeah, rub it in why not.

While I was at Uni in Wales there was this one channel on TV that caused me much facination. For a while I didn’t think I could get it tuned properly, then I figured all the presenters must be pissed, and had just settled on it being a free porn channel when I eventually realised it was just the Welsh language channel S4C and all the talk about pimps was just the announcer giving program time updates. Anyway, if you wanna learn to speak a bit Cymraeg ala S4C style, start every sentance with “Ferret”, end every one with “like”, and finally recite this Crimea article from Uned5 until you can understand what the hell that Owen’s going on about. Take a look at all the new pretty pics while you’re there, too. Am dani.

A little paragraph from the German Rock-A-Hula Baby, quite a few paragraphs from Javno and if it’s anything like All Of Mp3, most of the album from the Russian @Music site round up the foreign articles. Now it’s late, and I must go watch my favourite new show 2 Pints Of Lager & A Packet Of Crisps while dreaming of a life outside Crimea news story hell. Nosh da.

The Crimea

Indie band who were dropped by their record label Warner Music last year after selling 35,000 copies of their debut album. Next week they will become the first band to give away an entire album for free when they launch the self-financed follow-up, Secrets of the Witching Hour. They hope that this will widen their fanbase, enabling them to make more money from touring, licensing deals and merchandising than they would from album sales

Article by Ben Hoyle for The Times, 04/05/07.

Glasswerk presents The Crimea

Glasswerk are pleased to announce that The Crimea will be performing at Rio’s in Leeds on June 5th, as part of a series of amazing live shows the venue has planned over the next few months. The official opening takes place on Friday May 3rd.

This follows news that the band are set to release their album ‘Secrets Of The Witching Hour’ which will be made available as a FREE DOWNLOAD from May 12th at [link]

The band, formerly signed to Warner Music but now free agents, have taken the bold decision to make their new, self-financed album available online to everyone, everywhere, completely free-of-charge from their official website, [link] ,in a bid to seize control of their own musical destiny.

Although a CD version of ‘Secrets Of The Witching Hour’ will still be for sale simultaneously on a mail order basis from [link] to those fans who would prefer to have a physical format version of the album, The Crimea still hope that the vast majority of music lovers will download the DRM free album for nothing.

The Crimea are currently preparing for a series of shows in China during May and will announce details of an extensive UK tour of venues and festival in the near future:

Bristol Thekla (May 21)
Stoke Sugarmill (25)
S.Wales Narbeth Queens Hall (26)
Surrey Boiler Room (29)
Reading Fez (30)
Wrexham Central Station (31)
Nottingham Social (June 1)
Birmingham Carling Bar Academy (2)
Liverpool Carling Academy (3)
Leeds Rios (5)*
Leicester Charlotte (6)
Wolverhampton Civic (7)
Sheffield Leadmill (8)
Manchester Joshua Brookes (9)
Northampton Soundhaus (11)
Brighton The Barfly (13)
Norwich Arts Centre (14)
Southampton Joiners (15)
Aldershot West End Centre (16)
York Fibbers (18)
Glasgow King Tuts (19)
Edinburgh Cabaret Voltaire (20)

* presents

Article by AJJ for Glasswerk, 03/05/07.

The Crimea: Free Album!

Bands don’t make money from records anymore, so they say – because of illegal downloading and sharing, there’s not the same gravy train waiting at the station as there used to be, but don’t be too downhearted because there’s much more than ever been made in live gigs and other merchandise.

So, The Crimea, having been dropped by Warner despite a reasonable start to their recording career, have decided to just give their new album (”Secrets of the Witching Hour”) away for free. (here’s the story). This is extraordinarily clever, despite being so seemingly obvious (now).

Firstly, it’s a self-financed album, so there’s probably a very shoddy distribution network behind it, so likely they’d spend as much on marketing, packaging and what have you just to get close to the 35,000 copies of their debut “Tragedy Rocks”, more likely they’d make a chunky loss.

Secondly, this is a marketing coup anyway, and free. The idea grabs the attention – it’s in The Guardian, now I’m blogging about it, I’m sure there are many other people doing the same. This much publicity would have cost them a serious wad had they used a more traditional PR strategy.

Thirdly, loads of people will download it irrespective of whether it’s any good or not – why not, it’s free, what’s there to lose. Therefore, they’re straight in the charts and getting massive exposure they could have only dreamed of otherwise. Surely a few of those downloading the album will cling on and go and see them live, maybe search out their first album, maybe buy a tee-shirt. This doesn’t have to be a very big percentage of the cyber community before a probable loss becomes a certain profit and an obscure indie band becomes a well known pioneer.

Good work, say I. I’ll download it, that’s for sure, but I won’t be buying a tee-shirt, I don’t do that anymore.

Article from The Music of Zhisou, 30/04/07.



Bydd Crimea – y band a ffurfiodd yn Aberystwyth yn rhyddhau eu hail albwm ‘Secrets of the Witching Hour’ ar Fai y 13eg. Ond bydd y band yn creu hanes hefyd y mis yma gan mai nhw fydd y band cyntaf i ryddhau albwm am ddim a hynny mewn lle cudd ar y wê!
Er i’r Crimea werthu dros 35,000 copi o’u halbwm cyntaf ‘Tragedy Rocks’ a chyrraedd 40 uchaf yn y siartiau cenedlaethol gyda’u sengl ‘Lottery Winners on Acid’ cawsant eu gollwng gan ‘Warner Brothers’ ond er hyn mae’n band wedi penderfynu mynd mlaen i ryddhau mwy o’u stwff.
Dros y blynyddoedd diwethaf mae nifer o fandiau wedi rhyddhau senglau am ddim ond dyma’r tro cyntaf i albwm gyfa gael ei ryddhau – gallai hyn olygu newidiadau mawr i’r diwydiant cerddoriaeth. Mae’n debyg mai’r rheswm tu ôl i’r syniad yw ymwybyddiaeth y band o gopiau anghyfreithlon yn cael eu rhannu ac y bydd rhyddhau albwm am ddim yn cryfhau eu cynulleidfa yn y sin roc fyw. Pob lwc Crimea!

Article from Uned5, May 2007.

The Crimea – neues Album kostenlos zum Download

the crimea
Foto: laurabaabaa, CC-Lizenz

Was macht eine Indie-Band heutzutage, wenn sie nach einem Majordeal auf einmal ohne Vertrag dasteht und sich trotzdem eine breite Fanbasis und einen neuen Vertrag erarbeiten möchte? Sie bietet ihr neues Album in voller Länge und völlig umsonst zum Download an. Das neue Werk trägt den Titel “Secrets Of The Witching Hour” und ist auf der Bandhomepage als komplette Zip-Datei zu laden. Wer The Crimea nicht kennt, der kann auf der MySpace-Seite in 2 Songs des neuen Albums reinhören.

The Crimea – MySpace

Article by Nicorola for Rock-A-Hula Baby, 02/05/07.

CRIMEA: Besplatni download koji pomi?e granice
CRIMEA: Besplatni download koji pomi?e granice

Britanski indie rokeri Crimea odlu?ili su svoj novi album u potpunosti podijeliti s publikom u nadi da ?e tako privu?i ja?e izdava?e.

Praksa besplatnog davanja albuma sve više se širi me?u bendovima, kao neka vrsta alata za podizanje popularnosti. Poznato je da malo izvo?a?a živi od prodaje albuma, pa su neki tome dosko?ili poklanjanjem albuma kako bi što šire tržište upoznali sa svojim radom, te tako stekli popularnost i više prilika za koncerte i prodaju merchandisea. No, u ve?ini pri?a o besplatnim albumima govori se o manjim bendovima, a Crimea bi mogli postati prvi veliki bend koji je ikada u cijelosti poklonio novi album.

Do prošlog ljeta Crimea su sura?ivali s etiketom Warner Music, no ku?a ih je odbacila zbog klasi?nih problema s prodajom britanskih albuma na ameri?kom tržištu. Zato su de?ki sami financirali svoj novi album “Secrets Of The Witching Hour”, koji možete u potpunosti i besplatno “skinuti” na njihovoj službenoj stranici. Nije prošlo ni tjedan dana od po?etka downloada, a album je “skinut” ve? 9 925 puta. Od 4. lipnja CD verzija bit ?e ponu?ena na prodaju uz dostavu poštom za one fanove koji zaista žele imati njihov album u svojoj kolekciji.

Ovakav na?in promocije trebao bi pomo?i bendu u dobivanju više ponuda za nastupe, a i u pronalaženju nove publike, što ?e im opet, u kasnijim koracima, pomo?i u kontroli uvjeta ugovora s budu?im izdava?em. To ne zna?i da Crimea odustaju od me?unarodnog biznisa, ve? jednostavno žele pove?ati svoju snagu kako bi privukli ja?e izdava?e. Ina?e, njihov prošli album “Tragedy Rocks” iz 2004. godine prodan je u više od 35 000 primjeraka širom svijeta.

Takav korak u smjeru širenja trenda besplatnog davanja albuma vjerojatno ?e velikim etiketama dati puno materijala za razmišljanje, s obzirom na ?injenicu da prodaja CD unatrag godinu dana znatno pada. Primjer uspjeha Arctic Monkeysa vrlo je dobar za opisivanje mo?i interneta. Albumom “Favourite Worst Nightmare” popeli su se na prvo mjesto pop ljestvica u Britaniji, a u prvih tjedan dana prodali su više od 250 000 primjeraka albuma, treba naglasiti da su takvu popularnost stekli prvenstveno besplatnim dijeljenjem demo snimaka putem interneta.

Article by Zita Pronj for Javno, 03/05/07.

The Crimea: ?????? – ???? ? ?????????!

?????????? ????-?????? The Crimea ??????????? ????? ????????? ????????????? ????? ??????. ????????? ???????? ???????? ???? ????? ?????? ??? ?????????? ?????????? ?? ??? ?????? (!) ?? ??? ?????? ?? ?????????? ????????. «Secrets Of The Witching Hour» – ?????? ?????? ? ??????????? ??????????? ???????? – ???????? ?? ????? ?????????? 13 ???.

The Crimea ?????? ?? ??????? ?? ???????? ? ????????? ????????? ??????? ?????? ????. ????????? ? ??? ????????????? – ?????? ???????? ??????? ?????? ?? ?????? ??????, ?? ??? ???? ???????? ????????? ???????????? ? ???????? ?????????? ?????????? ? ?????? ????? ???? ?????? ?? ????????? ? ??????? ??????????????.

?? ?????? ????????? ?????? ??????? ?????????, ??????????? ????????? ?????? ?????????? ?? ?????? ???????: ?????? CD ??????????????? ??????, ?????? ? ??? ??? ??????? ?????????? ????????? ???????????? ??????? ?????? ? ?????????. ??????? ?????????? ?????? ?????????????? ?????? ??????????? ?? ????????? – ????? ??? ???? ?????? ? ?? ????????? ????????.

The Crimea ????????, ??? ???????? ??????? ??????? ?? ?????? ?? ??????? ????, ??? ??? ? ?? ???????? ? ??? ????? ????????? ?????? ??????. ?? ????????? ?????? ?????? ?? ???? – ?????????? ???? ????????? ????????????? ???? ???????????? Arctic Monkeys. ??? ????? ?? ????????? ??????? ????? ???? ????? ? ????????? ??????? ?? ?????? ?????? ? ????, ?? ? ?????? ????? ?????????? ?? ?????????? ????????, ???? ??? ??? ??????? ?????????????. ???????? ?? ??????? ???????? ?????????? ???????????? ? ?????????? ?????? ???? ????? (Lily Allen).

????????? ???????? ? ??????????? ???-???????? The Crimea ???? ?? ????????: «Secrets Of The Witching Hour» ?????? ?? CD 4 ????. ?????????? ??? ???, ??? ???????? ??? ? ????, ??????? ?????????? ?????? ? ?????????.

Article by ???? ??????? for @Music, 04/05/07.

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