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Adding a list of upcoming gigs to their articles are Indigo Flow and the ever-present CD Times.

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And today’s foreign news come from the French Adilade music site, Russian Pop-Rock site and the Lithuanian Ore site.

The Crimea Release Free Album

The Crimea have made their second album, Secrets Of The Witching Hour, available to download for free via their official website.

Though this will obviously not bring in money from sales, the band hope that, by distributing their music more widely, they’ll increase revenue brought in through sales of gig tickets and merchandise.

Whether or not this will pay off is yet to be seen. They are certainly not the first band to try this tactic and acts like Harvey Danger and StoryOne don’t seem to have benefited in any great way. Still, just doing this has picked up The Crimea a lot of free publicity, perhaps they will be the first band to really make it work.

Those of you who shun the disposable nature of free things and prefer paying for stuff may be pleased to know that there is a CD release available in shops (who frown upon taking things without paying, too).

If you do download the free track, remember that you now owe the band. Go to one of these shows:

21 May: Bristol Thekla
25 May: Stoke Sugarmill
26 May: South Wales Narbeth Queens Hall
29 May: Surrey Boiler Room
30 May: Reading Fez
31 May: Wrexham Central Station
01 Jun: Nottingham Social
02 Jun: Birmingham Carling Bar Academy
03 Jun: Liverpool Carling Academy
05 Jun: Leeds Rios
06 Jun: Leicester Charlotte
07 Jun: Wolverhampton Civic
08 Jun: Sheffield Leadmill
09 Jun: Manchester Joshua Brookes
11 Jun: Northampton Soundhaus
13 Jun: Brighton The Barfly
14 Jun: Norwich Arts Centre
15 Jun: Southampton Joiners
16 Jun: Aldershot West End Centre
18 Jun: York Fibbers
19 Jun: Glasgow King Tuts
20 Jun: Edinburgh Cabaret Voltaire

The Crimea website

Article by Andy for Indigo Flow, 01/05/07.

Download The New Album By The Crimea For Free!

Those affable Welsh chaps The Crimea, are releasing their self-funded second album ‘Secrets of the Witching Hour’ completely free!

Originally billed to be released digitally on 12th May it is in fact available now if you go to you can get all 11 brand spanking new tracks and artwork for free.

The band are side-stepping convention by letting fans download the release – which features Regina Spektor and production from The Cure’s Dave Allen – free of charge as the plan is to forgo the usual sales revenue in the hope of increasing their popularity, and then make more money through touring and merchandise revenue.

The physical release is set for 4th June.

The band have already confirmed a stack of dates for this month:

Bristol Thekla (May 21)
Stoke Sugarmill (25)
S.Wales Narbeth Queens Hall (26)
Surrey Boiler Room (29)
Reading Fez (30)
Wrexham Central Station (31)
Nottingham Social (June 1)
Birmingham Carling Bar Academy (2)
Liverpool Carling Academy (3)
Leeds Rios (5)
Leicester Charlotte (6)
Wolverhampton Civic (7)
Sheffield Leadmill (8)
Manchester Joshua Brookes (9)
Northampton Soundhaus (11)
Brighton The Barfly (13)
Norwich Arts Centre (14)
Southampton Joiners (15)
Aldershot West End Centre (16)
York Fibbers (18)
Glasgow King Tuts (19)
Edinburgh Cabaret Voltaire (20)

Article by Jon Kane for CD Times, 05/05/07.

I hope this works…for all our sakes.

So, we’ve all heard enough about failing record sales to make our heads implode. However, the big news today is that London band The Crimea have decided to do something about it.
After being dropped from Warner, despite respectable record sales, the band decided to take matters into their own hands and released their latest record “Secrets of the Witching Hour” on their own dime.

Bold move.

They plan to stay off the dole on merchandise and touring revenues. Majors everywhere are watching to see how this all pans out. So am I.

In the meantime, I downloaded the album and hope its filled with wonderful music to distract me from my scratchy throat…

Download the Album for FREE here.

Story (courtesy The Guardian Unlimited) here

Article by Budarsing for Wayward Measures, 01/05/07.

Three Stories

Three stories caught my attention in today’s news.

Album giveaway could ignite music revolution – UK indie band, Crimea, have self-financed their new album and plan to deliver it for free via the internet.

“By giving away the album in its entirety on May 13, the band hope to widen their fanbase and ultimately make more money from touring, merchandising and licensing deals than they would from sales of the album. Despite selling a respectable 35,000 copies of their debut album, Tragedy Rocks, and making the top 40 with the single Lottery Winners On Acid, the band were last year dropped by their record label, Warner Music. Like its major-label rivals, it is struggling with the structural changes to the record industry and, say critics, is increasingly unable to invest in long-term artist development.”

You might remember Derek Webb made his album, Mockingbird available for free (and in the process won me over as a fan!). It seems clear that this is part of a growing trend, which is not just about music piracy, but about artists setting more realistic and achievable goals for their music. Note that in Crimea’s case, sales in excess of 35k for the debut album was not enough to secure an ongoing major label career. You can bet that despite those sales, they also probably didn’t make much money from that deal and would have sacrificed a lot of freedom. Now they can tour to pay their way, not tour to payback their advance!

Article by Fernando Gros for Fernando’s Desk, 30/04/07.


If you haven’t heard of London band The Crimea, you soon might. Why? After being dropped from Warner Music, they are trying out a marketing experiment that could soon see other indie bands follow suit.

The Crimea’s second full length CD “Secrets of the Witching Hour” is available in full as a free download from their website The idea is to reach as many people as possible, increase their fan base and maximise their ability to tour, sell merchandise and gain licensing deals.

At the time of this post, The Crimea had had nearly 13,500 downloads of their 2nd full length CD. That’s a lot of potential new fans!


Article from The Indie Musician, 06/05/07.



Two significant announcements this week bring ever nearer a future filled with free digital music.

First, London indie band the Crimea realised that all the cash is in gigging these days, and gave away their new album for nothing in a bid to generate enough interest to allow them to play bigger concerts. Secrets of the Witching Hour is downloadable at

Article by David Smyth for the London Evening Standard, 04/05/07.

Download the New Crimea album!

Dreamy poppers The Crimea have made their 2nd album avaliable to download in its entirity for what we are assuming is a limited time, so get in their quick. Download The Crimea’s 2nd ablum Secrets of the Witching Hour for free from:

Article from God Is In The TV, 30/04/07.

The Crimea – Secrets of the Witching Hour

The Crimea - Secrets of the Witching Hour Après avoir vendu 35,000 copies de leur album et s’être séparé de leur maison de disque, The Crimea, propose son opus en téléchargement complet. “Secrets of the Witching Hour” contient 11 titres d’indie pop rock britannique d’excellentes factures.

Les titres :

1. All Conquering
2. The 48A Waiting Steps
3. Raining Planets
4. Man
5. Bombay Sapphire Coma
6. Don’t Close Your Eyes on Me
7. Loop A Loop
8. Light Brigade
9. Several Thousand Years Of Talking Nonsense
10. Requiem Aeternam
11. Wierd

Les liens

Source : Ratiatum

Article from the Adilade site, 05/05/07.

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Article from Pop-Rock, May 2007.


Kadaise John Peel palankiai ?vertintas ir jo d?ka iškil?s brit? indie kolektyvas THE CRIMEA savo puslapyje paskelb?, jog šiandien CD pavidalu pasirodžius? album? Secrets Of The Witching Hour galima parsisi?sti ir internetu, tiesiai iš

Tok? savo gan?tinai keist? žingsn? grup? teigia paaiškins ir pateisins savo koncert? turo metu po Didži?j? Britanij?.

Article from Ore, 04/05/07.

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