More Crimea Site Updates

Official Crimea ForumIn what can only be seen as a futile attempt to overthrow the mightyness of’s message board :roll: the official Crimea website has a new message forum. Since going up on Moday afternoon there’s already been 99 posts, so why not go over there and make it 100. You can discuss everything from your favourite Crimea tune to your favourite Ash fan. No wait… how silly of me :lol:

Also updated is Davey’s MySpace blog. Here’s the latest three entries. Well… they would be there, but uppon viewing I was kindly informed that an rather unexpected error had occured and has been swiftly forwarded to MySpace’s technical group for evaluation. No doubt they will fix the problem sooner than you can say “Oh cock… not again :( “.

One more small thing – if you thought May 13th had all the fun taken out of it when the band released the album early, never fear. To start with, the band will most likely be adding some better quality MP3s up for the proper release to inflate the album download hit counter up even further than the 21,000 downloads so far. But aswell as that, I’ll also be doing my best to get something very special up on this site. I’m not too sure what it’ll be yet, but rest assured, like pictures of Paris Hilton in prison getup, you won’t wanna miss it, so make sure you check out this site some time around Sunday afternoon.

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